Saturday 25 April 2020

Doctor Who.Robot 2

Cycling through my various projects I have found myself back on Doctor Who. 
Back with the Robot Project, I have started on the rest of my SRS troops (some more WW2 NKVD) and felt it was time to bite the bullet and get some companions and Doctors done!

First off is Sarah Jane Smith. The outfit is from her time with the Third Doctor and the photo I used as a guide from The Time Warrior

Next is Harry Sullivan with the guide photo from The Ark in Space

Not actually in the RObot story but had K9 to hand so added him 

The Doctor at last! This will be my first Doctor for the collection and have matched him up with photos from the episode

This costume went through quite a lot of tweaks throughout the series such as the scarf becoming a red cravat but wanted to get it as close as possible to the story

Production photo but perfect scarf guide!

The whole Team.

Now back to green...SRS and then UNIT!

Sunday 12 April 2020

Relics. Vaettir 2

Work has continued on my Relics Vaettir, I would like to be able to paint enough to be able to field them before I move back onto another faction, possibly the Britanan's as they are now have the least painted ( excluding Mercenaries!)

After enjoying painting my first two Vstonin I was able to picked up another from ebay (under the heading of 'Goblin Champion'!) to make up a pair. As with the others I filed down some parts and added Baking Soda texture. I had an arm missing so cut the blade to one handed and built a new arm out of GS to take another shield.

Pinned and glued and metal wire to take the GS arm

Completed Vstonin Units

Inspired by this paint guide by Epic Duck Studio Youtube
They have several other Relics figure guides as well as huge selection of other painting resources. 

I worked on the Evocatours next. They are multipart figures and I most were too slim to pin so i reinforced the superglue with GS. The figures have three legs with the front leg raised. To add some variety I created a straight leg with small rod (paper clip) and GS

Completed Evocatours

Between the others I also painted up a couple of the Elvspon.
They will show off the faction colour, each type will be a different shade so the ball sculpt will be a lighter purple again.

So far the total painted force is at 98 points and I have started assembling a Vaelad and Huntawalu which require a fair amount of pinning and GS after which i will look at some troop options, probably the Hunta.

The UnSeelie Court

Friday 3 April 2020

Relics. Britanan 2. The Fort P1

As part of my Relics project, I planned on building a terrain piece for each Faction and for Britanan's it is a colonial style wooden fort.
The base model is a Medieval Fortress kit from Zvezda models

The kit is an easy assemble with the four towers and four wall sections. Scale wise it fits perfectly with the Britanan's as a small frontier outpost.

The roof sections stand on four posts.I have left them unglued so I can access the tower tops

The kit comes with 8 ladders as accessories

rather than cut into the plastic and enlarge the tower entries I constructed doors of the right size. 
One issue withe model, the join between tower sections is clearly visible and ruins the image of log built, I corrected this by using a Dremel to sand down the sections.

Decking was added to the tower tops and the walkways were planked to allow for the wider bases.

Based glued and covered in filler to helm secure and add textures.

Relics. Britanan. 1

With most of the other Relics factions getting moved up my painting list I thought I would check in on my Britanan's as well!
Excluding the recent Maverick Mike and his Boys and the musings for a separatist force styled on the Continental Army, I had already done a test figure for the Britanan's in traditional red

As I write down all the paint schemes I use, there was no problem in copying the look and settled on a bomber. On the official photo the bomb is on the same stand as the bomber but I decided to give it is own stand which makes it lies cramped but also allows for the possibility of some home-brew rules and the trooper surviving to get another bomb!

Thursday 2 April 2020

Relics. Vaetttir 1

The Vaettir are another unique faction within Relics that really appealed to me but I think overthought the paint scheme and ended up not starting the at all!
With extra painting time I have moved them onto my paint list and started with some of the Clyod.
As they are ice Elementals I wanted to go for a black ice theme and have them a little darker.
For the iced bases i used GW Valhallan Blizzard and for the shards Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint.
I laid down a thick layer of the crackle paint and left to dry. This produced a thick semi clear material I could break into shards.

i used more of the shards to to make some ice markers

the next batch are the Brocken and Vstonin which are both earth elementals

As the Brocken are resin there were quite a lot of very smooth areas which i added texture to with super glue and Baking Soda

Finished Brocken. Foliage added to the back and other areas adds to their earth connection.
With the different Vaettir having vey different forms and colours having purple elements in each one will help to tie the faction together 

Brocken hurling a stone

Next are the Vsonin. I didn't want to just copy the bases like with the Brocken so went with a flint look. The figures are the same sculpt, so to add some variety I removed the lower hand and reattached the sword handle to make it one handed and use the arm to support the shield (made form a sliver of bark). The heads were also filed to make them different and then Baking Soda added to make the texture for the lichen on them. The obsidian blades have a purple tint which will tie in with faction scheme.

Vaettir faction so far, The Unseelie Court