Wednesday 29 August 2018

Epic. Nobz!

A small update on my ongoing Epic Ork army. Before I begin the final stage of the Bad Moon I have finished off the last units in the first Bad Moon Clan.
I had previously finished the boyz but wanted to spend more time on the Nobz stands and add some extra detail on their armour and banners.

Each stand has an individual Standard and unique armour scheme
i added more detail to the faces, including the teeth (well they are Mad Moons!) and will probably go back at some point and add the teeth to the Boyz!

As with the troops, Plasma weapons are all different

Each Nob also has their own unique back banner. 
I have an Optivisor which has made a huge difference to my painting, especially with working in this scale but it is interesting how you adjust and the more I work in this size the more I have found myself trying to add more detail

Boyz (pre-teeth!)

Warlord Mad Eye Moongarr and his Boyz!

Saturday 25 August 2018

Epic. The Bad Moon

With the new Adeptus Titanic now released and a copy of the Grand Master box now added to my build pile I have been determined to complete the Ork forces before is start on the new Warlords and Knights.
Despite my earlier intention to abandon the work on my Mega Gargant due to the size changes with the new AT, which has reduced it from a Giga Gargant to just under the new Warlord size, I reviewed how much work I had already completed and decided to complete it and after about another 16+ build  hours he is finally ready to paint.  
As I have mentioned in previous posts, the model was partly inspired by the huge mobile cities from the Philip Reeve Hungry City Chronicles


The Belly of the Bad Moon has a maw and claw to pull in prey and bring them into the bowels of the Gargant to be looted!

The finished model stands at around 160mm high to the top of the tower and will be on the same base size as the new Warlord Titans. With the bulk of my Ork force and the Warlord mad Eye Moongarr coming from the Bad Moon Clan i wanted a suitably flash and imposing gargant to display their power and Allegiance. With a huge Cresent this is the Clan personified, it is THE Bad Moon!

The Gargant has been assembled using parts from three Mega Gargant hulls and additional bulk and buildings added to give it more a city feel

Damaged shields from defeated Warlords hang from its shoulder deck

The back of the Bad Moon sports its own launch pad and Warlord Mad Eyes personal attack Rokket ship (or maybe just a REALLY big bomb!)

The extended back section is built up using two assault flamers from a Mantic Strider

The bad Moon compared to an original Mega Gargant hull

The Bad Moon against a Stompa and Slasha gargant

The main weapons are magnetised

Magnetised components and main hull.

The next step is to paint him up and he will be sporting a similar scheme as the Slasha. With the number of open areas and balconies I am also contemplating adding some troops once the hull is finished. 

Friday 17 August 2018

Epic. Slasha and more!

I have taken advantage of being on summer break and have been able to spend some solid time in my study building and painting with either Black Library Horus Heresy (currently on Legion) or Doctor Who Big Finish (Just finished Cyberman 2) to keep me company

Following on from the first Stompa I Have finished off another two to complete the mob 

The feet of the right Stompa are on 'looted' 3mm WW2 tiger tanks

Next is the Slasha. one of my favourite gargant models, It has been converted using the back tower from a Mega-gargant and a ripper arm from Kromlech. I have also added some extra exhausts, Shoulder plates, teeth round the head, tiling and plates to help it fit in with the other models

Completed Gargant in Bad Moon Colours

Freehand Death Skulls plate as I plan on having some of them in the force.

Gargant Mob so far

In between Gargants I painted up my supply of old Ork Dreadnoughts.
(The rear ones were already painted on pennies so have been painted over) 

Ork Boyz painted up, for these i used a similar skin recipe to my Bloodbath Orks (Vallejo Khaki, GW came shade wash and then Druchii violet on the face) which gives a darker look but a nice contrast to the Bad Moon yellow and reds

Top view showing some variation ( after all they are Orks!) just the four Nob stands to go

Looking to boost my forces I have ordered some of the 6mm Skinnerz from Vanguard Miniatures and the leaders pack included a fantastic Ork (skinner) in mega armour which i have painted up as my Warlord  

The banner has the glyphs for Manik, Gargant and Moon as well as the warlords own personal glyph, a red crossed spot

The forces of Warlord Mad Eye Moongarr

Next on the paint list is the four stands of Nobs and at least one more battlewagon to complete the unit. I then might go back and finish off the converted Mega Gargant I was going to abandon, because  you can never have too many Gargants!

Sunday 12 August 2018

Epic. Ork Stompa

With the Imminent release (re-release?) of Adeptus Titanicus (of which I will save for another post) I have been reviewing my old collection and in particular my Orks, it would also contribute to my Summer aim of clearing old projects!

I had previously started on the battlewagons, a small outpost/ captured Imperial vent and a Mega Gargant

Initially based on coins, I have decided to make my vehicles base free

Built on a CD

Bits taken from 2 Mega Gargants with inspiration from Philip Reeve Hungry City Chronicles. Lower claws would pull in prey to the lower maw for destruction!

With the new sizing in Adeptus Titanicus I have decide to abandon the Mega Gargant and use the parts on a new one with the same theme but based of a 40k Stompa. 

With the new Knights standing on 40mm bases the old Stompa's should work well with a bit  of a boost.

Converted Stompa. The feet have been raised by 4mm and the claw arm and head have been added to add extra bulk. The parts are from Kromlech

Completed Stompa on 40mm base. painted in Bad Moon colours

Comparison with base Stompa 

Completed Bad Moon forces so far!