Sunday 14 June 2020

Ion Age 28. Lithic Assumption 4


…Access location Stamp from recovered Black box


…run Holo log

Ensign Castr pulled himself up toward the exit hatch that gaped open several metres above him while all around The Redsea Wanderer burned.

The Exploration ship Redsea Wanderer had been hit by debris in low orbit and was forced down onto the rocky surface of the new planet. With the main engines offline to avoid total destruction, the ship had dropped on antigravs before they too had overloaded and the final distance had been like a falling tower.

Clear of the wreckage, Ensign Castr looked around as the ship's security forces took control and assessed the situation.

"Can you shoot?" one of the armored figures approached and questioned him, thrusting a Moth Automatic Rifle into his arms.

Shaking away the smoke from his thoughts Castr looked down at the rifle and then to the trooper

"Do you need a medic?" the trooper responded to the silence and look of confusion on Castr's face, pulling back the weapon.

"Yes. I mean sorry. No Medic but I can shoot" Castr's head cleared as habit took over

"Fire Team Alpha, 72nd Platoon, Redsea Eastern Militia. Retired." Castr reached over and took the rifle, the cold metal triggering old patterns and a wash of memories from a former life.

"Good" said the Trooper, noticing the Ensigns new focus and change in his stance. 

"Welcome back to the line"

A quick catch up on my Lithic Assumption forces.

With the theme around the survivors of a crashed exploration ship, I wanted to add some civilian survivors. The majority of these would be armed, military service is compulsory within the Lithic Assumption. but I wanted a change in appearance and uniform. The Cold Climate Militia was perfect with small change, filing away their fur hats to make a Shako and fulfilled my idea of a crewman.

Ensign Castr

Lithic Assumption ExSec forces.

Four more Muster troops and another crewman left to paint..

Ion Age 28. Hades Legion 2

The bay doors of the Anvil of Suns opened, the ship's inner light sliced out as if the very night had been cut like cloth, and three Pinna transport barges slid out into the void toward the planet below.
Engines flared and the Anvil of Suns pulled away from the barges. Debris fields from ancient space battles encircled the planet and even in high orbit, the risk of damage was too great. The last of the exploration force has been deployed and now it would withdraw and carry on in the system to survey the rest of the planets before returning.
Aboard the lead Pinna, Anvils Shield,  Sub-Legate Atarr watched the descent counter roll down with one eye while his other watched the location markers of the other Pinnas maneuvering through the twisting ruins all around
Proximity alarms sounded as Anvils Eye moved too close and then swung away as its pilot attempted to avoid a collision, but too late and dived into a wreak fragment that might have once been exhaust post. 
"For the Khan" the radio burst from the Anvils Eye before filling the cabin with static as the transporter was destroyed.
"Anvils Will. This is Anvils Shield"
"Copy Anvils Shield " the radio crackled back into life.
"Reduce decent by 10% and follow our vector. Respond"
"Anvil’s Will in compliance"
‘Signal the Anvil of Suns’’ the Sub-legate instructed the Comms officer
‘Anvil of Suns. This is Shield. Mission update, Eye is broken. Shield and Will on the final approach. Request reinforcements’

The planetary analysis had reported a planet cut off by the heavy debris, preventing communication reaching into or out of planets surface while travel down was high risk. On the surface, the environment was in turmoil from the wreaks that periodically dropped out of orbit, ruin scattered the landscapes. Urban areas had been identified but the majority were in decline with evidence of decay, civil unrest or inter-faction warfare while others showed impact damage. Data fragments had identified three possible sites and the Malig Drop Spears had made bridgeheads but it would be for the Legion to lead and coordinate the search for clues to the long-hidden Hades Vaults that had been scattered across the galaxy an eon ago.

‘"Anvil of Suns acknowledged. No longer within planetary range. Proceed with the mission. Hades Demands"
Sub-Legate Atarr had not expected any further support and began to replan with the forces left to him, Praying that both barges would make planetfall and not follow Anvil’s Eye’s fate and resolve his challenge another way.

"Shield and Will in Compliance. The Khanate Advances"

Shia Khan legions form the backbone of the Khanate forces and I had acquired several as part of a job lot as well as some recent reinforcements from Alternative Armies website. The figures were painted in Hades Legion livery.

Legion Tesseran with Sub-legate Atarr and Pioneer armored bodyguard

Legion infantry armed with Juno Laser Rifles

Legion Infantry with Juno laser Rifle. Legion Assaulter with Maia Mpi. Legion Support with Janus Blast Gun Team

Legion Officer and Legion Pioneer with Maia Mpi

Warlord with Juno laser Cannon

Warlord next to Metaborg

Nox Trooper with Janus Blastgun

Size comparison.
left to Right - Malig. Legion Infantry. Legion Pioneer. Nox. Warlord. Metaborg

Hades Legion