Sunday, 2 December 2018

Relics. C'thunian Warriors

The cold night air was filled with the howls of the C'thu

In a series of load croaks and burps, clicks and wet cries the Warriors moved in behind the looming shadow of the Shogra as it moved off towards their prey
Ulac was first warrior of his Scale which comprised of six C'thunian Warriors including himself as First and bearer of the Bright Princes holy sigil

His Scale was joined by another, that of brother Amol, and together they flanked the great Shogra and formed the Stalking Beast, the Speartip that was pointed at the slumbering Ridend village and would soon drive deep into its heart. 

With the Shogra completed I have been working (between too many other projects and attempts at completions!)  on the C'thunian Warrior units which are the line troops of the C'thu. I usually field two units and have them support the Shogra and get the benefit of the Stalking Beast Formation
The paint scheme for them has been taken from other elements of the army, skin as the Shogra and armour the same as the C'tharacs.

Bases done and first layers

Unit leader with Back Banner (GW part)

Converted figure with Shield (GW undead part) 

C'thunian Warriors and Shogra
(2/3 of the Stalking Beast Formation)

C'thunian warriors and Prime

The Church of the Dead Sun

Monday, 12 November 2018

Epic.Legio Atarus

The first entry to my Imperial Epic/ Adeptus Titanicus forces is a Lucius pattern Warhound titan.
Although i prefer the mars pattern for Warlords and Reavers I have a equal regard for both Warhound patterns and acquired this one before the release the Mars pattern warhounds which gave me some time to test run painting and fielding.

For Titan legions I wanted to go with one of the original Titanicus legions (I remember when it first came out!) and settled on the Firebrands partly due to their colour scheme, i like the Red and cream colours and partly for their backstory as a more independent and rebellious Legion and Forgeworld.
I also plan on a Legio Tempestus at so point in the future as my second favourite Legion, and a big fan of the Horus Heresy book Mechanicum

Legio Atarus Warhound Canis Gladio (Sword Hound)

The red stripes were made freehand

The base used parts from 40k buildings and was made to match the Ork Gargants and terrain.

Purity seals were made from Green Stuff and metal foil 

The Lucius pattern gives a larger area to decorate 

Weapons are magnetised 

Saturday, 3 November 2018


Beneath the sickly moonlight unblinking eyes filled the tree line and watched as the Bright Prince stood before the stone table.
Worn reliefs and symbols glowed as he approached, it had been uncountable years since the table had last been used, almost forgotten in this quiet corner of Ridenia, but the stones had not forgotten and yearned for the flash of blade and pain, the sacrament of fear and blood.

A dozen Ridend had already been sacrificed, they were such small souls and bodies that many had been needed to complete the rite, but the last cut had been made and as its blood mingled with those beneath it the Bright Prince reached into his tattered robes and drew out a small pale object and with unholy reference lay it in the nest of the Ridends open chest
In sharp contrast against the dark scarlet ruin, the slight thing was a maggot.
Curled in on itself it could lie in the palm of a mans hand, nine fat segments in spoil milk white and pale veins the shade of red wine gone to vinegar. Cold and hard to touch, it sunk into the hot mass and began to drink and soften, to gorge itself on the offering and reshape it to its own dark design

The Bright Prince stepped back and began to chant, his words echoed by the shadowed host beyond, the Dead Sun at prayer

C'thu Ma'way fhtagn T'chag Shogra Ma'way Shogra Ma'way Shogra

The words came in tides, and washed over the stone table and the writhing mass that moved upon it. Against all natural law and hope, the dead were consumed and their parts broken and used again as the Shogra birthed itself and wove a new body. Organs pulled close and wove themselves together as Bone and muscle moved with the sound of wet cloth across gravestone. 

The beast took all it needed and more, bloated with trailing organs and dripping blood from it raw body as it birthed and stood down from the table and screamed into the night.

The Shogra is the next completed figure in my Relics collection. The Shogra is part of the C'thu faction originally released by Tor Gaming in their last Kickstarter. With my most recent Relics focused on the Orcnar I thought it was time to return to  teh C'thu and try and move the Shorgra and C'thunian warriors up the painting list!

The Shogra can be seen following the Prime in one of the images from the Kickstarter.

The Shogra was easy to assemble with the main body in one piece with the limbs to attach. I used Green Stuff to add some more trailing organs/tentacles to the middle

Parts of a Games Workshop skeleton horse added to base

Start of the blooding, Clear Red paint from the Tamiya paint range. 

Completed Shogra, exposed bone and dripping with blood and hanging organs

Detail on the base

Size comparison, left to right
Child of Niproth, C'tharac, Prime, Shogra and Vesparmoth 

Size comparison, left to right
Nuem Tormenta, Britanan Trooper, Shogra and Orcnar Eotan

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Bloodbath. The Dwarfs of Ashak Rise.P1

Taking advantage of some extra hobby time and the buzz from completing the Vile Rune Orks I have moved on to the next Command sheet and the Dwarfs of Ashak Rise which I had previously started.

This one of the smallest groups and is only 15 figures, 11 dwarf clansmen, two characters and three pack mules. 

The first job was to rebase the dwarfs as they had been placed on round bases which had been used before I decided on original bases, and then to to retouch the six dwarfs I had already painted. It also gave me an opportunity to revise some of the colours and go for a more sober look and bring the base style in line with the Orcs, although for the forces of good the bases will be a little more alive with green rather than brown foliage.

Five Dwarf Crossbows, three Mules from Wargames Foundry who now hold the original Citadel molds and the two characters

Borinn Fimbul and his son Snorinn Fimbul

rebased and repainted with new shield details that have the dwarf runes for Fimbul and Fim 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Bloodbath. The Vile Rune Orcs

Orctober is upon us and it is enough of an excuse to open up my Bloodbath at Orcs Drift project box and try and get a little further along.

I have previously posted the start of the Vile Rune Orcs and the other characters completed for my  first command sheet. The remaining 30 Orcs have finally been completed and I was down to the banner. Numerous failed attempts later , I settled on a scaled down version that the unit will carry and plan on printing a copy of the originals and mount them on their own bases.

Going for old school Tomato puree, the last best attempt before I gave up in disgust!

Settled on a simpler version with each of the Vile Runes

The full forty...

The unit is made up of metal miniatures from several Citadel eras and also a unit of spears I picked up from Black Tree Designs. 
Bloodbath features three Orc tribes and although i could reuse the one unit for all of them i want to be  able to give each tribe its own character and colour scheme.

I also need to pick up some regiment bases and will probably run them as two 20 boy units rather than as one big mob!

One big Mob

Vile Rune standard and Sticka guards

The Vile Rune Tribe led by their Chieftain Fangor Gripe and supported by the Rock giant Guthrum Mane and the Half-Orc spy Silas Meel

One down...