Saturday, 5 May 2012

LINK: Every Doctor Who Episode in ten minutes!

Link: Celebration of the Sixth Doctor

Great article singing the praises of Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor

The Doctor and Companion

The figures for the Sixth Doctor and Peri have arrived. Of all his incarnations , I have a soft spot for Colin Baker as he was my Doctor when I was young, Revelation of the Daleks being one of my favourite stories. Painting the two I will go for Peri as the Photoshoot and the Doctor in his Blue suit which I think is a much more fitting and was worn by the Doctor in Realtime.

Grand Army

The last of the DWA figures I bought on eBay have arrived ( sorry to anyone else trying to buy iDaleks for the last couple of weeks!) which has given me a grand total of 70 Daleks! This should give me more than enough for an Emperor and bodyguard, command squad, a couple of drone units, a hoverbout squad. I am also planning to build a Evil of the Daleks Emperor so weould have enough for a decent Dalek vs Dalek game. The only issue is balancing the modding and the need to paint the troops!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Link: Big Finish Introduction

I am a big fan of Big Finish, creating not just good Doctor Who stories but good stories. The link is to an introduction far more detailed than I could give. A read read for those who know BF and a great primer for those who have not yet discovered the audio plays

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Silence

Looking at the other figures released by the Doctor Who Adventures magazine, the Silence are also worth aquiring. The figured are made of quite rubbery plastic and are bendable.there is enough detail on them and although they only come in one pose it works well for their character. I cut away the base and added it to a 25mm base which has made it more stable and looks better.I have 11 of them so all painted up should make a good nest and some interesting games. Tempted to convert a couple pointing and maybe one upside down sleeping. Pleased with the painting and should be able to do the others between Daleks, though I might review the skin to get a greyer look

LINK: Cosmic Bento

Link for another site with TV21 inspired comic and Wallpaper

Dead Dalek

Finished off my second figure,. One of the Daleks was damaged in the post so I reused it as a destroyed Dalek. The Dalek creature was made from Games Workshop Green Stuff and copper wire with the completed model being painted using GW paints and then based. Overall I am happy with the figure and worked as a nice test for painting the Drone Daleks, I think the only thing i would change is the emphasis on the skirt hemaspheres which I think need more definintion.

LINK: Dalek wallpaper

Link to a site with some great CGI Dalek images and wallpapers

Thursday, 26 April 2012

LINK: Dalek Shuttle

Card plans for the Imperial Dalek Shuttle featured in Remembrance of the Daleks. Potentially an easier build than a saucer. Will add it to my To Build list!

New Paradigm Daleks

Just a quick one!
I have added a Poll to gather all your views on the New Paradigm Daleks, I will post my own thoughts later, I know there is a lot of mixed feelings abouot them and it hasn't helped that they haven't had a full story to showcase them off. Victory of the Daleks was more an introduction and their appearances after that, even with the stone Dalek (which seemed to have gone down very well!) were all bit parts.
Another reason to look forward to the new season! 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

First figure finished The Emperor!

All my figures from Ebay have started to arrive (just DWA figures at the moment) and have now completed my first figure (in about ten years!) even though the force is NP I think the new white Supreme Daleks are not meant to represent a 'Supreme' Dalek but rather act as force commanders and replace the Black Daleks so for my UberBoss I have gone for a retro style Emperor.This one is partly inspired by the Golden Emperor from TV21 and the Second Empire Graphic Novel (link on the side if you have not read it!) and has turned out okay considering I am a bit rusty!
My favourite Emperor was the stationary Dalek from Evil of the Daleks and I intend to have a go and build one at a later date, I am aware Black Tree design do make one (on my wish list!) but I am not sure it will scale up with the NP Daleks, but I also wanted one I could field.
Next Figure..destroyed Dalek (damaged in transit so reused with Green Stuff!)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dalek models

Interesting option for Dalek models, maybe a future avenue of war gaming with 3D Printing

New army

I have decided to start with a Dalek force with the bulk of the unit being NP figures from the Doctor who Adventure Magazine and characters and specialist units either bought or converted. I also have my eye on a Sixth Doctor and Peri bundle on ebay as well, though i think i will be going for his later blue outfit!
The Daleks are the New Paradigm Daleks ( my views on them vs the old Daleks I will keep for another post!) and are easily available on eBay at the moment. The figures are quite detailed and made up from two moulded halves and a front panel on the skirting and measure about 37mm.
Pictures show the full DWA set and comparison with some FASA figures ( Daleks and UNIT Trooper)

A beginning

So where  to start... I have been a Doctor Who fan and was hooked from the first time a watched it (not sure when, will have to sit down and work it out!) and was also a keen miniature gamer for many years, although strangely the two never met and most of my money went on Space Marines and Slann (big Aztec style frogs! :)
Time passed and my time got caught up on other things and my paints and Bits Box went into deep storage, it was always my intention to return, just not sure when.
Spin forward to just before now ( a week or so)  and i came across a sprue from the Daleks and Cybermen Boxed set from Citadel Miniatures, this had always been a big want when i was younger but they had stopped making them and missed the chance. I won it on a chance bid and although i couldn't get to much out two Daleks and two Cybermen, they sparked my interest and after a browse on the web I came across bit  Doctor Who Miniature Game website. Checking out a couple of the forums the recent figure releases as part of the Doctor who Adventures magazine seemed to be a good place to start, so a bit more Ebay and we will see where we go from here :)
Sprue from Daleks and Cybermen boxed set released by Citadel Miniatures


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