Saturday 20 July 2019

Erin. Terrain 1

With the real world demanding my time i have not had al lot of time to build or paint. What time I have had usually leant itself to terrain work, easy builds and not much detail work so I can drop in and out etc.
I have also been watching season 1 of the Sky Series Britannia which is loosely based on the second Roman invasion of Britain and has added some inspiration

Abandoned village from Britannia

A couple of years ago I started on a Viking Saga project and repurposed the terrain for the Relics Orcnar. With the base terrain on the Erin Formorian I have gone over them again

The well was initially rebuilt as the Clear Water had dried and cracked. The well was removed and then reset with new Clear Water mixed with a dash of GW Coelia Greenshade. Moss was added and the base given a darker wetter look as well as adding some fallen leaves 

A top stone was added to the carved stones and moss was added. The base was given the muddy look and leaves added

The smaller standing  stones were given new bases and moss

Stones and Formoran Shaman

i also picked up a set of the GW Walls and Fences. Extra detail was added with tufts, Ivy and fallen leaves

I wanted to keep them fairly generic so some bark was used to hide a tombstone detail

All new and updated terrain so far.

Start of some rock outcrops and another monument all made from tree bark

Friday 5 July 2019

Erin. Starter Game Pack Video

Still high from painting my Formorian I took the plunge and picked up a copy of the Erin starter Game pack. I had been looking at this for some time (and also ticks my previous thoughts on playing Saga ) and also coincides with the start up of a new Facebook group Ancient 28 which is an off shot off the Inq28 scene and will explore bringing the narrative and Grimdark themes of the Inquisitor game into a more historical setting.
I had set up a Youtube channel for the blog some time ago and have decided to put it finally to use and for my first video I have done an unboxing of the Erin set and aim to use it and the Blog to chart my progress and eventually get some battle reports for the game.

Hope you enjoy.

Erin. Formorians

'A Fomori is a creature of the cold waters...'

The Fomori Shaman is one of those figures I have owned for an age, 20+ year it has moved from various store boxes and on and off my table but never got past an undercoat. It is a fantastic figure and one of my favourite sculpts but i could never find a paint scheme for it so it remained unused.
Recently I have had a surge in interest into Celtic Britain. I have started rereading Slaine Graphic novels and have started Bernard Cornwalls 'The Winter King' 
On the crest of this inspiration I finally found the Formorian and spent a furious evening and early morning working on him.
For colours I wanted quite a soft earthy tones, his robes at odds with the rest of his appearance and drew on the palettes of Brian Froud, Stephen Reid and Alan Lee

Brian Froud

Alan Lee - Old Satyr

Stephen Reid - Finn Mccool Comes to Aid the Fianna

With the Shaman completed I have started work on some Half Dead...