Monday 31 January 2022

Fire Hawks. OWAC January

  The Fire Hawks took pride in their savage reputation, but even within their own,  the 8th Company was known for its bloodthirsty choler and eagerness for battle. On more than one occasion elements had been been censured for their habit of interpreting or ignoring orders to allow them to engage or pursue the foe and in one particular admonition they had been reminded that they were not World Eaters.  Captain Agni had responded;

'Only Worlds?! We are Eaters of Fire!'

- 'The Burning Chronicles, 8th Company Remembrances'

2022 has started well for my hobby, the OWAC has been a big driver and helped focus my energy as well as looking towards the finishing line and finally owning a whole Rogue Trader army!

I started the project with my Assault Squad and ended up with quite a few extras

Completed Assault Squad

Medic and Chaplains

Chaplain and Rhino in Field Police livery

Five more Field Police

Full January and the five Field Police I completed in December

The full breakdown of January on the OWAC blog is here