Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Slann. Terrain

Despite my attempts to stick to a painting plan i have ended up being a little distracted with some terrain. Using CD bases I wanted to build a half abandoned shrine with statue and sacrificial stone.
The initial inspiration was an old Mcdonalds toy I had picked up. The toy was from the Disney Film Atlantis and had a suitably ancient look to work with both fantasy and 40k slann.

The alter and sacrificial stone was aded using cork and cardboard for the flagstones followed by general stones and sand added

I then added extra details, skulls and pots ( jewellery beads) and a shield from the Eru-Kin Kickstarter for a focus

I then added a base plate to the statue and magnets so it can be removed for transport
It was then painted in the same style as the unit bases and dried blood effect added to the sacrificial stone



Using a second toy i also created two more bases as ruined statues