Sunday 25 February 2018

The Return of Bretonnia

I am still knee deep in Vile Rune Orcs but already thinking of the next group to start on and for a bit of a change will be looking at some humans and the Militia unit. Following that train of thought the unit will  double up as a Bretonnian Peasant unit and decided to dig out my long (again!) dormant Bretonnian forces. Since i have a castle built by my grandfather and one of the reasons I started wargaming ( i will safe that story and photos for another post soon) they are a faction i would never give up and will try and bring them back to life as well this year.
i am currently rereading the Belgariad series by David Eddings and watching Game of thrones which is also peaking my armoured interest!

A quick review has given me a lot to work with, although a lot of stripping and repainting as well, there are also another unit of archers and men-at-arms somewhere as well...

i have decided on a province of l'Anguille, but will be looking for a more subtle blue shade, with some possible GOT Greyjoy elements and undecided whether to go for a clean or dirty finish.
Not wanting to jump in too much with Orcs still to green, i started with one of the damsels, she would give me some more practice with skin tones which i feel is not one of my strong points  and thought I would try a sheer look for her dress. This is not a technique I have tried before but found a couple of tutorials seen it done well by others on the model

Building up the skin tones all over as if the dress was not there before building up layers to form the dress

The finished Damsel, the Lady Elise of the White lake.


By strange coincidence, or the designs of the Lady, there is a bit of a wider resurgence in Bretonnia and I will be linking in my own progress as part of a Kingdom Reborn Campaign which is being led from Facebook and here:

Next for Bretonnia will be my Duke...