Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Doctor Who. Cybermen 1.

The lsat time I looked at my Doctor Who figures it was the Cybermen that got the attention, I am sure the demanding paint job had nothing to do with it!
With the latest reboot I went back over and rebased them and finished off the remaining figure in my collection rather than build around a particular story. Ideally I will have a unit for each era.

Earthshock Cybermen
Made by Black Tree Design

CyberLeader and Trooper

Cyber Controller and trooper from Tomb of the Cybermen. 
Made by Black Tree Design

Unit of Cyber Workers (?) based on the partially converted units from Attack of the Cybermen.
Figures are from Crooked Dice


To give the Cyberforce a bit of heavy support, especially of they go up against the SRS, I have acquired another figure from Eaglemoss.
The Cyberking is obviously out of scale for 28mm but will stand as a small one Cyberman controlled 'Knight' Class Cyberking

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Carcosa District. City 3

As the year draws to a close I have been able to add some more buildings to the Carcosa District

Some wall sections, will add some more broken sections and doorways 

All the buildings have multiple points and ledges for walkways and ladders

Bridge with buildings on it

structures alternate to break up the LOS

Roof of central building can come off. The floor is wooden and the ceiling is painted as an Egyptian tomb with a stylised star filled night sky

A very crowded Carcosa District so far.

Lord Solar and his Court explore the Carcosa District 

The next build will be a specific Michael Hutter inspired piece and some ground level terrain pieces/Debris/obstructions