Sunday 11 August 2019

Erin. Half Dead

The Shaman Orthanach emerged from the thick fog that closed in around the small settlement.
He moved with clear purpose, his heavy shape in contrast to his quick movement. His dirty robes were still heavy with water and savoured the cold that surrounded him as he tasted the air and picked out the sounds of life ahead of him. 
This was but the first small step but in his minds eye he could already see the fire and the fear and his plans unfolding.
The first of the low boundary stones that marked the edges of Whitewater village met him in the fog and he paused, 

raising his claw he signalled behind and the white wall was cut again as more shapes emerged into the dusk light. 
In their silence he could sense their muted screams, their riot of chained emotions, fear and loath, horror and rage, all channelled and aimed by his Will and Word.
The Half Dead would be the vanguard and the horror of their existence would add to the murder make, and in the Whitewaters death the Formorians would feast

I have begun work on the Erin Project and completed the first unit which were the last of the figures I had picked up before getting the starter set. These figures are the Half Dead, those who have been drowned or ambushed and kept in limbo and forced to fight again. These can be summoned to fight by the Formorians or the Fir Bolg  so plan on using them to support my shaman. i have also showcased these and progress on my Youtube channel:

The four Half Dead warriors and female from the Half Dead champions set

Tartan detail on two of the Half Dead and my first attempt at pattern work.

The Half Dead advance as the Shaman commands

Sidhe warband all based and ready to paint

Hero's on larger bases similar to the Shaman

Formorian warband