Saturday 30 September 2017

Orcnar. Terrain 3

I have been able to make some progress on my terrain, completing the Mud huts and fishing off the stonework on the shrine with only the trophies to go.

Pickled up a couple of tester pots from Wilkinsons for the base coats ( Nutmeg Spice and Java Bean)

Java Bean base coat

Overeager Unmann

Heavy Dry brush of Nutmeg Spice and the exposed wood painted with Dryad Bark

Stone details added

Agrax Earthshade washes added to the base of the huts and around the posts

Finished huts with foliage

Happy Unmann

Progress on the shrine

Next will be the completion of the shrine and the village wall for which i have already started gathering twigs to sharpen and turn into posts

Saturday 23 September 2017

Orcnar. Terrain 1

As part of my Relics plan I want to build a set of race specific terrain as I work through the figures.
For the Orcnar I have drawn from the concept sketches that were posted by Tor Gaming and have decided on

Set of Mud huts
Stone Shrine/ trophy mound based on the Orcnar Objective
Wooden village wall
Docga enclosure

Starting with the Mud huts I used some children food bowls, these would fit on CD bases (my go to size ) and had enough curvature, and the card inside from sellotape for the half built huts.

Scaled up with an Unmann

Huts covered in NoMoreNails to add mud texture

Sand and stone added with PVA glue

Bark pieces that will form the stone of the trophy shrine with glyphs carved in

Norse Terrain.P2

After posting my last piece I realised I had not posted up on the Terrain pieces which I had started and finished a while ago.
Originally designed to be used for a Saga war band, I have ended up putting that project on hold (so many projects!) but is generic enough to be used for other tables. The finished set comprises of a two stone carved piece, several smaller standing stones( I had started with a couple and then kept going! ) and a stone well
I had also created a a casualty piece with a soldier who had been killed and given the Blood eagle, this where the victims back is opened up and the ribs pulled back and the lungs drawn out and draped over the shoulders to form bloody wings.

Yggdrasil World Tree carving

Stylised Norse Raven

Norman soldiers form up around the well and ruins.
Figures old citadel, now available from Wargames Foundry

The torn back was made using GS and small slivers of wood for the ribs

Friday 15 September 2017

Relics. Orcnar.The Docga!

Continuing to work on my Relics figures, trying to stay a little focused on my painting and finish off the Orcnar before i start on another Faction.
Next on the list are the Docga, the crazy attack dogs of the Orcar!

Like the Unmann, I have added some stone rings using GS

I settled on a similar colouring to the Unmann but with a shade shift from a lighter back to the darker front. I have also left the stone unmarked and might go back and remove the markings on the others 

The Stone Branch clan far

The Stone Branch move out to protect the standing stones that make the heart of their ancestral territory

Next the brutal might of the Eotan!