Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Inq15 Terrain 2

A small up date on my Inq15 Terrain as i have been delayed moving rooms in the house, although as am  upside I now have my computer and, painting desk and figure shelves in one place (as opposed to three!)

The Base, walls and barricades were sprayed with Wilko BBQ and Woodstove Spray paint, a solid matt back and durable.

The base was then dry brushed with silver (Wilko Metallic silver) and hazard stripes added (Flash gitz yellow and black) 

Aged so far with washes of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, Reikland Fleshshade and Ryza Rust dry brush so far.  

Monday, 30 April 2018

Inq15 Terrain 1

Putting aside the figures for a week, I have been able to make some headway on the terrain, both with the matchbox playset and also all the scatter terrain.

 The main playset has been taken apart and the floor flattened of unwanted molding and  features. plastic grating, plasticard and texture have been added with NoMoreNails. There are some more smaller plasticard squares and then gravel to add. I don't want to add too much so it loses its flexibility or impractical for putting figures on, I also have to be mindful the unit can still fold up and close.

The wall sections have been built using plasticard and Foamcard with the pipes made from cotton buds

The wall shrine is a GS copy taken from a detail on the Promethium Relay Pipes Terrain set

the statue was a GS copy taken from the GW Comms Relay station terrain set

A set of barricades to add more terrain flexibility. Built using lce lolly sticks for the base and then various scraps including Cork, Zoid caps, and plasticard.

The scale metal and plastic barrels are made by thescene (link at the bottom)

Two check points

tables of scrap and archaeotech

Supply dumps on pennies, pieces from thescene

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Inq15 - Servitor 0137 and Tech Priest Charl 10 Heston

Two more pieces of my Inq15 project, this time an Industrial Servitor and controlling Tech Priest.
I envisage the Servitor randomly moving around the board with random consequences for player interaction or the death of its handler 

Unit is vat bred bulk grafted to reinforced structure. Cranium has been removed and replaced with easy access unit protecting brain and feeding tubes. Proximity whiskers implanted to the back due to the excessive height. Lower legs have been replaced with Electro Mag pillars for stability.

WIP - Based on a 2p, main bodies from Nurge plague Bearer and arm is from Ad Mech destroyer.

0137 designation stencil 

A little This Way Up Tattoo! 

the Tech Priest handler is based on an Alternative Armies HOF Cultist with additional parts made from Plasticard, twisted wire and GS.

The Priest is named Charl 10 Heston as the figure reminded me of Charlton Heston as Moses!

Inq15 so far, time for some of the base and terrain so can at least present them better

++ Pict Feed initialised++
+ Negotiated Still from 866/33 [ Designated Lucifyr Eye 665]+
++Transmission ends++

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Inq15 - Administratum 2

Work on my Inq15 has continued with a lot of work on the scatter terrain which i will post up next.
i have been able to paint up some more of the Administratum war band and the first of an inquisitors war band in the shape of an Imperial Assassin!

As with the first figures, these have been based on pennies with bits and sand added to hide the bases and act as terrain floor
The cultist with shoulder mounted speakers ( the Propagandatron) i have added more directed speakers with wire and Green Stuff

The bell has been added from the GW Flagellants box

The chain gunner has beeb given a backpack and had the ammo chain extended into it.
All of the figures have also had Purity Seals added, theses have been made from Tomato puree tubes foil

The Adminstratum delegation so far
All of these are part of the Alternative Armies Hordes of the Future range

The first of the Inquistorial war band, a Callidus Assassin with transonic sword and Flachette blaster

The figure was original a dark Elf from the Real Partha  Demonworld range. The figure had two swords and i replaced one with a flintlock pistol (Wargames Foundry French Revolutionary mob weapons) and added lock of hair using twisted wire

Inq15 so far

Alternative Armies

Ral Partha