Monday, 5 April 2021

Prehistoric. Tusk Review


As part of my Prehistoric Project I have collected quite a few rulesets ( 8 so far) and have decided to post up reviews for each of them. This will also give me some material to put on the Youtube channel as well which is looking a little spartan since I set it up...mental note to dig out my Erin Project!

First off is Tusk Mammoth Hunt!

Tusk written for 15mm wargaming and supported by a range of figures and animals by Irregular Miniatures. The rule book is a slim volume, totalling only 12 pages, and provides rules for cave men hunting Mammoths with expansion for more Pulp games featuring Dinosaurs and victorians.
One or more players control a hunting party and the Mammoths are controlled via an AI reaction table.

The rules are clearly laid out and easy to pick up with the basic scenario provided which is a solo game playing in about 15min.

Board set up 

Raiding party of Homo Erectus

Homo Erectus. Three Spears and one Firemaker


Game play is turn based with actions being limited each round by D6 Actions Points which are spent on movement and Fire starting as well as deciding order of play between players. Ranged and Close combat is followed by the Mammoths turn and an AI Reaction table. Death is quick for both hunters and prey. The AI table, wind direction, fire and variable action points add some random elements and add layers to basic rules and stop it being repetitive 
Below I have added some Pro's and Cons, some of which apply to both depending on what you are looking for and bear in mind they are not necessarily flaws, just how the game was designed and targeted. 

Solo Mode
Quick to learn
Multiplayer Mode
Quick set up 
Short game play
Adaptable for a range of beasts
Expansion into Pulp Era/dinosaurs

Short game play
Simple ruleset
No Campaign mode

Youtube Play though

Hopefully this has given you some idea about Tusk, the rules and Miniatures can be found following the links below. 

Wargames Vault

Irregular Miniatures

Next planned review will be for Neolithic by Ken Hafer

Saturday, 13 March 2021

Epic. Forgeworld Metalica 5


As part of the switch over to Legio Metalica I have also repainted my Epic knights.
These were from the original Titan Legions box.
I have a soft spot for Knights and remember having a group of the first edition knights and playing them with my brother at the local GW store against much older players fielding titans. They were initially quite dismissive but once we had taken down a couple with group attacks they earned their respect. The look on their faces still gives me a smile!
As much as i like the new Knight designs I do wish they would redo/resize some of the originals

To support Legio Metalica I have gone for their  main support, House Raven.
This also takes the decision making out of what to paint my 40k Knight as well.
(I bought a 40k Knight when they came out and it still lies in bits and I was torn between using it to make an Imperator to support a planned Ad Mech force!)

The knights were painted part of House Col'Khak

Original Livery and new House Raven.

The small shields are all hand made from plasticard and help to 'modernise' the figures as well as adding another surface to decorate. The House Raven logos are freehand like the chevrons. I have ordered some  Tamiya masking tape ready for the Warhounds and Warlords 
I also plan on adding some Kill Banners as well at some point)

Missile pods are from Vanguard Miniatures, part of their Skitter Tanks sets 

Two more Knights to repaint and a Warhound Titan to complete, my table with then be free to start on my AT box and a Warlord Titan!

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Epic. Forgeworld Metalica 4.


With the enjoyable distraction of the Skitarii mostly done ( Kataphons  and Termites to finish) I felt suitably inspired to tackle my Titans.

original Warhound Canis Gladio (Sword Hound)

 I had previously completed a Lucius Pattern Warhound in Legio Atarus livery and started a Vanguard miniatures Leviathan (alt Reaver) but with my switch to Legio Metalica I went back and changed the Warhound before finishing off the Leviathan.

Legio Matalic Battlegroup with Canis Gladio and Turrim Fidei (Tower of Faith) 

Groin shield and tilting shield added along with magnets on all weapon points.
Based as  Reaver varient for Adeptus Titanicus

Weapon set with base model.

Weapon set plus some taken from the original Epic Warlord

Turrim Fidei advances through the ruin of Abydos IV

Epic. Forgeworld Metalica 3.

 The first of my Epic Forgeworld Metalica forces are complete.

These will form the start of my Epic Adeptus Mechanicus force and auxillary for my Titan Battlegroup.

First of my Onager Dune Crawlers
(Vanguard Miniatures Cybershadow Skitter Tanks)

i magnetised the tanks so the cabins are moveable and I can swap out all the weapon options.

Skitarii Vanguard with Termite Transport and Dune Crawler support led by Magos detachment

Four more Termites to finish off

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Epic. Forgeworld Metalica 2.


Transport plans for my Epic Skitarii, the range of underground drills was alway one of my favourites, from the smallest - Termite, middle sized Mole and largest Hellbore (which looked like something out of Thunderbirds!)
More recently Forgeworld has released a Termite and Hellboreish with the Mechanicum Ordinatus Aktaeus 

The Termite or at least a proxy will be on my list for my 28mm Skitarii

The Ordinatus range from Forgeworld are all stunning pieces but more like expensive scenery on all but the largest of games I would imagine!

Spotting one of these I have put together an alternative Termite model

Cut in two, a fair job as they have a solid metal middle

35mm round bases and cork

Plasticard to represent the closed hatches.
I plan on getting some more and having some ramp down

Finished first set of Termites with Skitarii unit

Epic. Forgeworld Metalica 1

For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive a load of Vanguard Miniatures Cybershadows which make excellent epic Adeptus Mechanicus.

This has timed perfectly as I was listening to the audiobook for Imperator by Gav Thorpe.

An essential Adeptus Mechanicus featuring the Legio Metalica Imperator Titan Cassus Belli
Reading this has swung me over to switching my Titan Legio to Metalica which also gives me a nice scheme for my Skitarii support forces.

(I will also use this for my 40k Skitarii force as well.)

I have used Flames of War sized bases, I have seen these done with a couple of Epic forces and really like the look and extra space. The majority are on small bases with the Dunecrawlers on medium bases I have cut and squared off
At the back is a unit of Terminators ( Vanguard Novan Elites – Affray Heavy Armour) which I will be painting up in Ultramarine livery. I had done a test as Steel Confessors but will change so I can use them in 30K and 40K

Skitarii Vanguard and two Magos stands 
(Cybershadow Precursors and Master of Interactions) 

Skitarii Kataphorons
( Cybershadow Vanguard combat Drones)

Dunecrawlers. fully magnetised

(Cybershadow Skitter Tanks) 

in addition to this I have four Lucius Pattern Warhounds, one in Legio Atarus livery to paint/repaint and a Vanguard Cybershadow Leviathan as an alt Reaver