Saturday, 21 April 2018

Inq15 - Servitor 0137 and Tech Priest Charl 10 Heston

Two more pieces of my Inq15 project, this time an Industrial Servitor and controlling Tech Priest.
I envisage the Servitor randomly moving around the board with random consequences for player interaction or the death of its handler 

Unit is vat bred bulk grafted to reinforced structure. Cranium has been removed and replaced with easy access unit protecting brain and feeding tubes. Proximity whiskers implanted to the back due to the excessive height. Lower legs have been replaced with Electro Mag pillars for stability.

WIP - Based on a 2p, main bodies from Nurge plague Bearer and arm is from Ad Mech destroyer.

0137 designation stencil 

A little This Way Up Tattoo! 

the Tech Priest handler is based on an Alternative Armies HOF Cultist with additional parts made from Plasticard, twisted wire and GS.

The Priest is named Charl 10 Heston as the figure reminded me of Charlton Heston as Moses!

Inq15 so far, time for some of the base and terrain so can at least present them better

++ Pict Feed initialised++
+ Negotiated Still from 866/33 [ Designated Lucifyr Eye 665]+
++Transmission ends++

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Inq15 - Administratum 2

Work on my Inq15 has continued with a lot of work on the scatter terrain which i will post up next.
i have been able to paint up some more of the Administratum war band and the first of an inquisitors war band in the shape of an Imperial Assassin!

As with the first figures, these have been based on pennies with bits and sand added to hide the bases and act as terrain floor
The cultist with shoulder mounted speakers ( the Propagandatron) i have added more directed speakers with wire and Green Stuff

The bell has been added from the GW Flagellants box

The chain gunner has beeb given a backpack and had the ammo chain extended into it.
All of the figures have also had Purity Seals added, theses have been made from Tomato puree tubes foil

The Adminstratum delegation so far
All of these are part of the Alternative Armies Hordes of the Future range

The first of the Inquistorial war band, a Callidus Assassin with transonic sword and Flachette blaster

The figure was original a dark Elf from the Real Partha  Demonworld range. The figure had two swords and i replaced one with a flintlock pistol (Wargames Foundry French Revolutionary mob weapons) and added lock of hair using twisted wire

Inq15 so far

Alternative Armies

Ral Partha

Friday, 13 April 2018

Inq15 - Administratum

A little update on the 15mm Administratum warband I have started putting together, another two figures done as well as a couple of pieces of terrain that could be used as objectives.
In terms of narrative for the group, I have started to sketch them out as as an assessment team sent to tally the Underhive sector for its tithe

Both figures are from the Alternative Armies laserburn range, the first is the ledger bearer who I have added a candle and the second is higher class notary. The original figure had a bishops mitre which i have converted to a full hood, though i might go back and change it to a higher flat top. the original figure had open hands and i have added a skull and holy receipt.

 Two small terrain features, a courtyard monument with posters and a broken icon with purity seals.
the Icon was made with GS using the statue from the Comm relay station.

The terrain features have been a good test run for what the main terrain piece and wall sections will look like.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Inq15 and a return to 15mm!

With all my ongoing and planned projects and attempts to stay focused and not start any more (Gangs  of Rome, Dark Age) a random Charity shop find has kickstarted me into another one, and back into 15mm figures.
The find was a Matchbox Compact pop-up Playset, the Auto Centre and after handing over the princely sum of £1.50 my mind had already started out planning its conversion into a travel Necromunda

The box cover is a card insert so once it is resprayed I am planning on adding some more appropriate Grim dark artwork

No assembly required

My find was missing several of the small scatter terrain pieces and the ramps between each level but these are easily replaced and can add some ladders as well.

plan to remove the foam car wash pieces and replace it with another panel 

Bg enough for 15mm (Ion Age retained Knight shown for scale ) and even more so if i get hold of another one!

With a set of small panels, barricades and some random scatter terrain which should be able to fit in the box as well when closed, it will convert into quite a versatile gaming board

My initial gang choice was for Redemptionists and to use the Cultists from Alternative Armies HOF ( hordes of the Future) range but as i have looked into the project I am leaning more to Inq28 and the figures being a Missionary group

With my first order arriving very soon after it was placed (!) i have started work on the basing the figures on pennies and using the same hive base style as i used on my Confrontation gang. Several of the figures have also be converted, which is certainly a slightly different challenge than modifying figures in 28mm! one advantage is still being able to draw from the Bits box (mainly leftovers from an Empire Flagellants box)

For a test I have started with one of the troopers and also put together  a Servo Skull

Servo skull with candle on head

The only change to the cultist was the addition of a purity seal.

Figures in comparison to a Confrontation Bratt ganger 

While I paint up the first batch of figures I will be working on the scatter terrain and then the main board as well as looking at the best rule set to use and modifying it for 15mm and the Inq28 narrative

First two wall sections 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Blodbath. Orc extras

I have not had much time recently to post and even less to paint but between finishing off my Vile Rune Orcs I have finished off one of the three vintage Bolt throwers and team which can be used to support the Orcs when I play them out of Bloodbath. I had originally picked them up with the intention of mounting them on ships for a Bretonnian Fleet project but feel the Orcs might need the support sooner and part of a recent batch of Ebay Orcs had some crew for them.

The Bolt throwers were originally released as Notlobs Orc Artillery and then later as a generic War Engine.

The Bolt thrower was also used as part of an Dwarf team as well.

Crew in Vile Rune Colours
Bolbosh and Slaghead from the original crew and the bolt holder from reworked 1988 Bolt Thrower crew

I have added the cable and pegs to the corners of the platform as if its been hammered into the ground

Now back to the troops...