Thursday, 26 July 2018

Relics. Orcnar Terrain 4 - Stone Branch Village

The Village for the Stone Branch Orcnar Tribe has finally reached an ending.
This has been my largest terrain piece and have been working on it on and off since last September and had an extra glitch when the paint I had been using was discontinued! The brown had been a Java Brown from Wilko but I was able to sort out a close match using Dulux colour match service!
But I am very pleased to have reached a level of playable completion. I plan to go back at various points and add more details, objects and debris around the huts and maybe some glyphs, a skin frame and trophy skulls. I will also be adding a alternate centrepiece, a rock outcrop with a tree on the top ( exposed roots bonsai style ) with a stone branch.

Completed village with mud huts and war shrine

Gates closed

Top view of empty village. The green mat is a Games Workshop battle mat and I wanted the inside worn. I made a flexible canvas mat in the enclosure shape using the technique on this blog ( ) as i did not need a whole landscape I used a blank Picture canvas from the Works, painting it on the frame and then cutting it out afterwards removed the need to pin it to avoid shrinkage.

Close up shots of the war shrine

Orcnar at the gates

Niwain preaching 

C'thu forces under the Bright Prince breach the wall

All the wall sections and mat

Mat rolled up around a section of insulation foam with the sections for easy storage

The village is ready to play and should be getting its debut at my local club ( Barb's Models and Games, Redruth, Cornwall) next week, my besieged Orcnar against a combined Vaettir and Ridend assault!

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Relics. Twigs, Troopers and St Nik

It has been quite a while since my last post. Work has been very demanding and the majority of my scant hobby time has been spent on woodwork for the Orcnar stockade 

The remaining walls completed with the front parts to make a breached wall section.
To celebrate 

Spiked gateway 

To celebrate the assembly I finished off the Britanan St Nik character and a test trooper ( i had already had too much brown and needed a change!)

I had considered painting in lines to give a stronger canvas affect but settled on a simpler  style to give more focus on the stitching

Painted in standard Red and white, I plan on giving other units different coloured edging to the jackets and cuffs

St Nik was a fun figure to paint, loads of detail on his face and real sense of movement to the sculpt as he swings his bag of bits around

Next will be the grand browning of the Stockade walls and then to alternate between Orcnar and Britanan units for a bit to bring them up to the same strength as my C'thu.