Saturday, 5 May 2012

LINK: Every Doctor Who Episode in ten minutes!

Link: Celebration of the Sixth Doctor

Great article singing the praises of Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor

The Doctor and Companion

The figures for the Sixth Doctor and Peri have arrived. Of all his incarnations , I have a soft spot for Colin Baker as he was my Doctor when I was young, Revelation of the Daleks being one of my favourite stories. Painting the two I will go for Peri as the Photoshoot and the Doctor in his Blue suit which I think is a much more fitting and was worn by the Doctor in Realtime.

Grand Army

The last of the DWA figures I bought on eBay have arrived ( sorry to anyone else trying to buy iDaleks for the last couple of weeks!) which has given me a grand total of 70 Daleks! This should give me more than enough for an Emperor and bodyguard, command squad, a couple of drone units, a hoverbout squad. I am also planning to build a Evil of the Daleks Emperor so weould have enough for a decent Dalek vs Dalek game. The only issue is balancing the modding and the need to paint the troops!