Friday 30 October 2020

Space Fleet. Rogue Trader 2

 The second Half of my Rogue Trader fleet is completed, quite a feet considering how easily I am distracted by my many on going projects, I have even foregone joining in with Orctober and adding to my painting Bloodbath figures so I could stay on target with this one!

Goliath Factory Ships 'Hercules' and 'Sisyphus IV'

Stalwart Escort ships. 
These are available as free on fleet lists, two per support ship, and are nice additions to convoys and add a sense of scale especially against the Goliaths

Goliaths and escort ships

Rogue Trader 'Copper Star'

SP4 Star Cruiser 'Asimov' class escort cruiser 

Hospital Ship ' Solargale'

SP5 Star Cruiser 'John F. Kennedy' class crusier

Rogue Trader 'Sheridan'

SP6 Star Cruiser 'Sheridan' class battle cruiser

For the remaining Star Cruiser ships I drew inspiration from the TTA books and the artwork of Chris Foss. The Sheridan is based on his image below.

Star Cruisers of the Pan Human Alliance

Intersteller Master Traders Rogue Trader Fleet

Rogue Trader and Civilian fleet

Very happy how these have come out and will add some more colour and story options to my games. Star Cruisers have found their way to my watch list and now back to see what I will put on my table/ demand to be started and finished next!

Wednesday 28 October 2020

Space Fleet. Rogue Trader 1

 With the bulk of my Imperial ships being painted up in Emperors Children livery I wanted to add a bit more colour and story with a civilian faction.

I have several Goliath Factory ships and also some ships from Citadel Miniatures original Star Cruisers spaceship line which I plan on making up some individual Rogue Trader ships as well as Corporation Fleet. 

The Corporation fleet is owned by Interstellar Master Traders which is controlled by the Rogue trader family House Blish. The current head is Merchant Lord Jaymes Blish

Inspiration for this is the author Jame Blish and his sci fi series Cities in Flight

Thunderbolt squadron 'Traders Word' and 'Fair Wind'
The ships have been modified with extra freight capacity
I have added some weathering to the paintwork on the civilian ships to differentiate them from the military ships

Rogue Trader ship 'Brikiri Ghost'

SP2 'Warrior' Class pursuit cruiser from the Star Cruisers range with livery based on the Brikiri from the series Babylon 5

Flagship of the IMT fleet and House Blish is the Ironclad 'Almafi's Pride'

House Blish crest with Merchant chevron, Corporation logo and three golden circles on a purple background to denote their historic links to the 3rd Legion

Space Fleet.Emperors Children 2.

Work continues on my Emperors Children Fleet with the Horus Heresy book Fulgrim audiobook as background inspiration.

Galaxy Troop Ships. I. Warground II. Warfield III.Warstand

The ships also bear Crimson and crome stripes which are the colours of the Archite Palentines which were the Imperial Army force supporting the 3rd Legion

Castellan Shield ship Pavise

Constellation Targetting Ships Cruel Lens, Watcher and Unending Sight

The Wreak of the Zelbinion

Ruined Emperor Ship made from Green Stuff and inspired by one of my favourite TV Series Farscape. in this case the episode PK Tech Girl.

Emperors Children Imperial Fleet
460 points 

(Note: counting ship/squadron cost not commanders) 


Prehistoric. Homo Erectus 2

 Nine Pathways

The hand of Kura had been tracking Damaa for many days. Five had been sent by Maa to find his son and bring him home, the People were not as many as they once were and as the world changed around them and Others had been seen the Greater pathway was no longer clear.

Durr, the tribes Elder who remembered the Way behind and could see the Way ahead, had seen the place for Damaa on the tribes pathway and he could not be lost or all would be lost

Five more Homo Erectus have been added to the tribe. 

Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company which makes the figures only has five in the range but the they use good quality metal so they can be repositioned to add some variety and several of them have been given spears.

The hunting hand of Kura

The Tribe of Damaa

I have ordered another set and plan on using them to finish a second hand with spears and use the other three to make some females 

In preparation for using them with some games I have put together some fire and burnt tokens 

I have also acquired my first Mammoth. This was a toy that has been based and repainted.