Saturday, 16 November 2019

Doctor Who. Robot 1

I have been watching a lot of old Doctor Who episodes recently which has inspired me to dig out my Doctor Who project boxes as a break from terrain building.
My first project will be based on teh Fourth Doctor story Robot

Robot was the first Tom Baker story and featured him and his companions with the aid of UNIT pitted against the Scientific Reform Society and the Titled Robot!
The Scientific Reform Society or SRS led by the dominating and ruthless Hilda Winters presented as twist on the Nazis, a paramilitary group bent on world dominion but fuelled on the belief that the intellectually superior/scientists should rule.
The Story allows the creation of an interesting force to counter the UNIT troops with the bonus of the giant Robot itself while the story provides bunkers and scientific Laboratory, SRS rallies and warehouses as terrain inspiration. 
The science/logic angle could also be used to easily create other stories and ties in other classic Doctor Who villains like the Cybermen 

SRS rally

Hilda Winters and henchman Jellico in full SRS regalia. 

The Robot

The SRS troop figures are repainted Soviet NKVD troops from the Black Tree Designs WW2 range while the figure of Hilda Winters was from a Pulp heroin set from Pulp figures (the set had several other uniformed figures which i plan to use as Hilda's daughter and other female SRS members)

The Strong green will help to differentiate them from UNIT figures

Detail of the SRS armbands

Professor Kettlewell and R1 Robot.
Both from Black Tree Designs. The Robot has had some conversion, I extended the lower legs to give it more height.

SRS and R1 Robot

In the story the Robot is made from living metal and expands. The larger figure is a collectable resin piece made by Eaglemoss. The figures has been rebased and repainted

Black Tree Designs
Pulp Figures

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Carcosa District. City 2

i have been able to add a couple more buildings to the district and complete the last of the scatter terrain from the last time I started this project which were some walkways, although with the planned size of the final distract, I will need to add a lot more!

The Walkways were made from coffee stirrers, I added some rags to give some more depth and detail, these were made with tissue paper and superglue

Three more city base tiles so I can at least present my progress better!

This was the first building I made so set the style and measurements, all the other building levels match up so walkways can work 

Doorway added with coffee stirrers 

The ruined second floor was originally going to be bare stone but I decided to add a wooden floor which will help to break up the solid yellow

Completed building with the ruined section looking rotten and bruised similar to the Mausoleum 

Open sewer which could be used for access to lower levels or exit points for vermin. Multiple points to add walkways or hide characters 

Wooden flooring

Crooked tower.This was originally going to be one of the towers for the Silent Tower Scenario but I decided to make the towers more robust and to use this as another building. The multiple floors will make it a good hub for walkways

decayed doorway and wooden post supporting the next level

District so far

Next on the list will be some bridge buildings and wall sections