Sunday, 18 March 2018

Bloodbath. Orc extras

I have not had much time recently to post and even less to paint but between finishing off my Vile Rune Orcs I have finished off one of the three vintage Bolt throwers and team which can be used to support the Orcs when I play them out of Bloodbath. I had originally picked them up with the intention of mounting them on ships for a Bretonnian Fleet project but feel the Orcs might need the support sooner and part of a recent batch of Ebay Orcs had some crew for them.

The Bolt throwers were originally released as Notlobs Orc Artillery and then later as a generic War Engine.

The Bolt thrower was also used as part of an Dwarf team as well.

Crew in Vile Rune Colours
Bolbosh and Slaghead from the original crew and the bolt holder from reworked 1988 Bolt Thrower crew

I have added the cable and pegs to the corners of the platform as if its been hammered into the ground

Now back to the troops...