Friday, 28 August 2020

Space Fleet. P1

Amongst the vintage games played by my group, Space Fleet sits in the top tier. 
Space Fleet is the venerable predecessor of GW Space ship combat game Battlefleet Gothic and set in the Warhammer 40k universe. 
Far more detailed overviews of the game can be found at:

I managed to acquire a copy of the original game and additional models enough for an Imperial and a Tyranid Fleet but could never settle on a paint scheme for either.
The summer has finally brought inspiration for both fleets;


Tyranid mountain

Modern plastic drones used as the Tyranid Spore Mines 
(They were also a cheap test run for the paint scheme)

Hellblaster Krakens

Hive ship

(This model is a copy made using Green Stuff and a press mould)

Deathburner Kraken

Hive Fleet Cygnus 
380 Points

The colours of the Imperial fleet have been inspired by the Pre Heresy Emperors Children

Cobra Destroyer Squadrons
'Rampant' and 'Couchant'

Gothic Battleship 'Bright Tower'

Emperors Children Icon 

Rear of Battleship with ornate superstructure and engine flare

Emperors Children Imperial Fleet
260 points

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