Sunday 21 January 2024

Relics. Britanan 2024 Review

With the new year and the annoucment by TTcombat that they will be restocking the Relics range and promoting the game I have decided to go through by collection and tally up what I have. This will give me a chance to plan some painting and see what gaps there are to fill and what better faction to start than the Britanans! 

My Britanans are a mixture of old Tor Gaming and Ebay joblots so some still carry the paintwork from previous owners and represent quite a eclectic mix


Including the one I have painted and the limited Edition issue I have found myself with  9 Sergeant Majors!
The sculpts are a step up in character detail from the standard troopers. They are a nice opportunity for personalisation with multiple weapon options and a nice open waistcoat that could be individually patterned. 


Including the unit i have painted I have 4 units of Troopers. Nine pupperts strong, the Trooper unit is the main force for the Britanans. I plan on painting/repainting two for my main army, oen as a standard unit and one with a headswap fro one of the Maverick Boys so they look moire like 18th Century Marines to use with the Ship/landing party
The last one will be for the breakaway Continental force which will be with blue jackets

Grenadier Troopers 
With the painted units I have five units of Grenadiers of three figures each plan on keeping all of these for the main army though I might see how they look with a headswap to addd them to the Continental force

The unit comes with six figures but I seem to have a couple extra which I am going to use for a highland themed Colour Party. As I live in Cornwall I might use a Cornish Tartan

Colour Party

Two colour party sets which I will works with eh 18th Century British army tradtio of two flags for each regiment, one for the Kings Colours and one for the Regiment. One will have the Britanan Crown and needles and teh other I will come up with  for the regiment ( and a name for the Regiment!)


These come as unit of two, not sure if i have lost one or just had an extra in one of the job lots I picked up. Plan on painting one unit for each army, not sure about the extra one yet


In the lore the Britanans were originally a human race that appear loosely based on mid 17th Century England but with access to magic.  A great calamity befell the world before the game is set and killed  off the majority of humans which is why they have used puppets for their forces. Some humans have survived and the Puppeters are described as broke survivors touched by madness.  


Two Units which I had started to put together when I was finishing off the Heavy Dragoons.
The paint scheme for these units will be based on the British Dragoons that were featured in the film The Patriot. One will be the fictional uniform and the other from the real regiment. 
Fielding these and the Heavy Cavalry will make quite a glorious Charge!

I plan on getting another unit of Dragoons and switching their heads for those from the Maverick Boys for my breakaway independent puppet Faction, the Continentals. 

Hunting Dogs, Ltd Edition Sergeant-Major and St Nik

A pack of 4 hounds but no huntmaster but could convert one of the Sergeant-Majors into one. One of the limited Edition Sergeant-Majors which has been TTCombats only new release so far, though they had showcased several other Britanans a couple of years ago which hope to see released! 
The last one is one of the OOP Mercenaries, St Nik of which I already have one painted. 

The base for an terrain/feature piece is a Fisherprice ship. As the Britanans are a island race all there interactiosn with the wider world must be via ships to the mainlanad. My plan is to convert this into a Bermuda Sloop inspired Britanan ship and man it with one of the trooper units.

Wooden Fort

This started out as a Medieval fort kit from Zvezda Models and the inital build and conversion I have posted elsewhere on the blog. Its about done, will add some ivy, a new front gate and some banners to fly the Kings colours. 

Painted Britanan Experditionary Force



1st Trooper Unit


1st Heavy Dragoons. The Life Guard

2nd Heavy Dragoons. The Blues and Royals 


  1. Absolutely fantastic collection!

    I'm quite excited to see the return of Relics as I missed it the first time around and while I may not end up playing the game, I'm awfully tempted to pick up some of the figures as they're so wonderfully characterful.

  2. Your blog has become a daily source of inspiration, and I'm truly appreciative.