Friday 27 October 2023

Zenith 3. Thunderbolt Jaxon.

 Returning to my Zenith Superhero's in a gap between other projects, I have finshed off Thunderbolt Jaxon.

The sculpt is from Attica Games and their Champion superhero figure

Thunderbolt Jaxon in his original comic run had several colour variations on his costume but the all red one seesm to me the most common so I have gone with that one. 

In the Zenith story Jaxon appears in the grand gathering, third form the left with the circular belt buckle

He is later tragically murdered by the possessed Wyvern when his magic belt fails to activate

The full team so far.
Tri-Man, Leopard from Lime Street, Cat Girl, Thunderbolt Jaxon and Oakman 

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  1. I'm grateful for the positive impact your words have on my mindset and outlook.