Friday, 13 April 2018

Inq15 - Administratum

A little update on the 15mm Administratum warband I have started putting together, another two figures done as well as a couple of pieces of terrain that could be used as objectives.
In terms of narrative for the group, I have started to sketch them out as as an assessment team sent to tally the Underhive sector for its tithe

Both figures are from the Alternative Armies laserburn range, the first is the ledger bearer who I have added a candle and the second is higher class notary. The original figure had a bishops mitre which i have converted to a full hood, though i might go back and change it to a higher flat top. the original figure had open hands and i have added a skull and holy receipt.

 Two small terrain features, a courtyard monument with posters and a broken icon with purity seals.
the Icon was made with GS using the statue from the Comm relay station.

The terrain features have been a good test run for what the main terrain piece and wall sections will look like.

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