Friday, 29 May 2015

Skitarii Rust Lancer

My two Skitarii Rust Lancers are about done and ready to be painted. 

Partly inspired by S.Dali The Caravan, the Rust Lancers were put together using an Warhammer Fantasy Empire Knight horse and parts of the Forgeworld Tech-Thrall with Mitrelock.
The Horse was prepared by removing/not attaching it's head and tail. The saddle was filed down as was the back of the front armour level with the back. The hoofs were removed and holes drilled and replaced with the ends of Cocktail/toothpick sticks (2 inch). Sections of guitar wire were added to replace the tail and to the middle sections. 

The main intersection is made up from a section of cable from the Zinge Industry model supply range ( 'Flexible Extra Large Bundled Power Cables' left in picture)
It fits into the opening very well and you can push more into the body cavity to add stability. The trunk is then topped with the Tech-thrall which has been cut to just under the chest plate. Cabling from the Mithralock is then taken and attached to the backpack and horse torso. Smaller guitar string sections are then added around the waist as further support. 
Green Stuff cables were then added to the legs and torso. The cables were made using the Roll Maker from Green Stuff World.

Arms and shield were then added from an Empire Knight. The purity seal was made with paper and Green stuff, the seal indent was made with the end of a brush with the bristles removed. 

I am very pleased with how these have turned out and they should fit in well to the medieval overtones of my Inquisitor Warband, also tempted to make up a full unit as they would be perfect in an Adeptus Mechanicum force as a Fast Attack and supporting an Ironstrider


  1. Really looking good.

    I like the additional bits from zinge, not a company i had seen before but I'll be checking those out!

    1. Thanks WandererWandering, for cabling I use those as well as Guitar Strings and Green Stuff made ones which gives me a nice variety and if they are needed as decoration or loadbearing!

  2. I loooooooove these. They look amazing. Great blog.

    1. Thanks! Really enjoying your blog as well, inspiring stuff!

    2. Thank you! Sadly on hiatus for now; but there are some interesting bits and pieces in its belly.