Sunday, 17 May 2015

Skitarii Archivist Begg 7-B

Begg 7-B stumbled forward as he stepped off the lowered transport door, the clank of his feet sounding out against the rhythm around him. Automatic systems took over and prevented him from falling but not before he had upset the harmony of the disembarkation and drawing the attention of Alpha Rahon Ta-Ro. The Alpha prioritised his Noospheric link and sent over an urgent query, demerit markers highlighting the disruption and 0.0045 efficiency drop.
Begg struggled to respond, his system starting to overload as external feeds disconnected and his own software started to purge under an external override

+System reroute and PURGE+
+incoming Imperative OVERRIDE+
+Awaiting capacity confirmation and KEY+

The Alpha stepped over to where Begg had stopped and queried again, simultaneously redirecting the halted flow of Skitarii around them both and and alerting the dock rotation Adept. Begg barely noticed through the static haze of isolation and reboot protocols.
Emotional buffers gave way and triggered Pict feeds from the recent Acquisitional Campaign, jarred and overlaid with GPS parameters and Martian Geo date.
The outline of a Copper blue face emerged from the noise.

+System KEY inload. Awaiting Imperative…
+Cant Variation upgrade. IN HIS NAME WE SPEAK+
+Unit requisition. PRIORITY 1.+

The reorder cleared the static and even the Alpha felt its passing, ancient pre-Heresy imperatives and security clearance leaving a digital wake. Alpha and Adept stood down and resumed their place in the Order of the Day and Begg, filled with the voice of Onmissiah, walked into the desert.

Requisitioned by The Copper Oracle, Begg now serves as Archivist, gathering up the Hard Copy Data streams.

The figure was painted in line with the Copper Oracle. I wanted to work with a muted rusted palette and stretch myself with a more organic and grunted technique than I usually paint with. Inspired by the work of John Blanche.

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