Thursday, 7 May 2015

Malifaux : The Hanged

For my first Malifaux figures i started with the hanged box. Constructing the plastic figures was not too complicated  although some of the pieces are very delicate, especially the rope, and needed to be removed from the sprue with some care.
The theme of my Crew was to be a victorian lunatic Asylum and I felt the The Hanged on their own did not quite fit in. Deciding on bed sheets rather than rope i constructed them using twisted tissue paper around a wire frame soaked in Superglue. This allowed me to retain a nice material feel and the twisted shape. The tissue absorbs the glue and sets hard.

Over all I am pleased with how they have turned out, though as I might go back and add a small card to each of them  as a dead tag/number. These figures are also a first for me in terms of painting style and using layers and blended paints rather than just out of the pot.

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