Sunday, 31 May 2015


Still undecided on the paint scheme for my Skitarii Rust Lancers so started on another figure while they stare at me.

The Deamonhost sketched out by John Blanche in his Inquisitor Sketchbook and realised as the Cherubael miniature is an inspiring creation but unfortunately the 28mm versions have lost a lot in translation. My idea for a Deamonhost is an emaciated figure wrapped in bandages and protective wards but further contained with an adapted stasis pod. Wired up and maintained and controlled ( or at least the illusion of control) . The inclusion of the stasis pod will also link into the Adeptus Mechancus element to the warband. 
I have started off with a skeleton from the Warhammer fantasy and replaced the head with one from the Empire cavalry. The legs were also broken and brought together. Most of the figure will be covered with bandages so I haven't been too neat.
I then started with the GS and have added the first layer of bandages an detail. I am very new to GS but from what I have read, it helps to go slow and not try and do too much in one go. 


  1. Gorgeous stuff right up mi street drop us a line at .....

  2. looking pretty good for someone "new to GS"! :-)

    did you make them and then wrap? how easy was it to get them to stay in place as you layered them?

    1. Thanks, just more nervous now about the next stage and not ruining it! I flattened the GS and cut of a sliver and rolled it before laying it down and then flattened it down over the body as a wrapped it. Once all the bits were done I went back over and added the material folds and details to each. They stayed in place okay.

  3. i have been wanting to do a daemonhost for a long time as i find all the current mini's are lacking something.

    Really liking your take on it so far