Sunday, 12 March 2017

Slann: Jungle Braves

The Jungle braves are the primitive Slann gathered up from deep in the jungles and far from the great cities. Inspiration for these came from the jungle tribe in Apocalypto but also from the fantastic Jungle Braves on theottovonbismark blog (link at the bottom), especially with the clubs and shields (which are Goblins shields)
the Braves as they once were...kitty litter and no thinned paints!

Stripped, straightened and rebased. Some of the figures were also reposed to allow them to stand in unit and add a bit of variety

The Standard is from the Outpost Wargames Services and their Aztec banner range.
I will be using more for each unit as well as personal back banners for my characters. They also sell feathered shields which i can use on the higher ranking troops
Similar to the Blowpipes, the braves have simple individual black tattoos rather than coloured warpaint to represent their lower class.

I have made up several base fillers for the tray which i can replace with more braves as i get them and  eventually able to fields a full 20.

Slann: Blowpipe Unit

For the first unit in my new Slann army i have decided on a unit of Venom Tribe blowpipes. These are one of the more colourful units and starting these will give me a bit more time to try out some ideas for the Slann green skin.

I originally had eight figures with a further one broken at the legs (which you can just make out in the background) , this is a fairly common issue with the figures and I am grateful i have so few casualties despite 20+ years and numerous house moves with them in a bit of tissue and wooden soap box!

to compete the unit I was able to repair the broken one with wire and GS and the last figure was added from kickstarter figure from Diehard Miniatures range of Eru-Kin.
Painting these up was also be the first time I used a notebook to log the paints so I can keep them uniform when add more units in the future.

repaired warrior and Eru-Kin join the ranks in red
I decided on a desert themed base to keep the focus the figures and will tie in with the background I am working on

The extra detail on the Eru-Kin marks him out as a unit leader

Despite the years apart, the Eru-Kin fits in with the other figures perfectly but still stands a beautiful sculpture in its own right

The Film Apocalypto is a continuing source of inspiration for this force and I have tried to keep a quite simple look for this unit as they are more primitive jungle Slann and their more basic tattoos and clothes reflect that. 

I am also planning unit trays for each unit as well, but calling them done for now. 

Update: movement tray now added

2017 - the Year of the Slann

2017 is the Year of the Slann, a year I have dedicated to actually trying to field a fully painted army and have amore planned and focused build/paint plan

I am also planning on attending this years Oldhammer gathering BOYL (Bring Out Your Lead )  and field a 1000pt WHFB third edition force

For choice of army is my beloved Slann, i started collecting these the i was about 14 and all thought I had painted a coupe of units i stopped as i didn't think i was a good enough painter to do them justice so they went into storage and thank fully survived my days out of gaming.
Considering the prices OOP Slann figures can go for, I am gratefulI managed to have enough to make this a viable project without having to take out a mortgage for them and my unboxed army stands below as well as a very small (!) Pygmy allied contingent

My first goals are to build the Blowpipe unit and expand the Cold One cavalry as well as look for a possible Slave unit alternative troops. 

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Dusk Raiders 4. Artillery

\gal"lop*er\ (?), n.
1. one who, or that which, gallops.
2.(mil) a carriage on which very small guns were formerly mounted, the gun resting on the shafts, without a limber
gun, a light gun, supported  on a galloper,  - formerly attached to british infantry regiments circa 1790 

I have a vision of Dusk Raiders slogging forward in a vast WW1 style trench torn landscape, Rhinos churning up the mud and filth behind them and pulling up Thudd guns as galloper guns 

When i first started collecting miniatures I picked up one of the so called Agmat Thudd Guns, this was a variant of the Thudd gun made under licence by the french company Agmat. The piece was always a favourite and has served most of my armies and has now joined the Dusk Raiders, will have to try and get another one now!

Dusk Raiders 3. Transport

As much as i enjoy painting and with the Dusk Raiders i am trying to make a point of painting them individually and get the best out of them, i like to alternate what I do and usually paint a couple and then pick a character or work on some building, be that a conversion or terrain piece.
I want to add some vehicles to the Dusk Raiders force and managed to pick up a couple of cheap battered Rhinos on eBay.
The Space Wolf Rhino did not need to too much work, several of the exhausts needed turning round and i replaced one with a section of copper wire. I also magnetised the front spikes, partly for ease of transport (the barbed wire is held on only by the magnets)

The paintwork was not too thick so rather than try and strip it I settled on just going over it, undercoating in GW Dawnstone  before laying on the new livery

Just need to add another bolter.

As with the rest of the rest of the force painted so far i have not added any icons etc and intend to batch the group with they are all finished

Dusk Raiders 2.

(A little bit of catchup with these posts)

With all the drama around the 2016 Space Marine limited Edition release I thought I would move my original version to the top of the paint pile. Back in the day I was never a huge fan of the first releases, I felt the feet let them down and looked more like armoured socks. The rerelease stays faithful to the original and seems to fix that one gripe, thickening out the ankles and feet perfectly.
Painting the original was a real pleasure will certainly look to getting some more if the opportunity arrises, and once the prices have fallen again as they have shot up on eBay with the renewed interest unsurprisingly!

Dusk Raiders 1.

After several trails on paint scheme i have decided on the far right figure, The original Dusk Raiders are described as unpainted ceramite with red shoulder pads and left arm all red. With the Death Guard the unpainted Ceramite became a off white which I prefer, again blending i old old and new old, I will be using the old RT rank and insignia schemes for the marines.

The middle one was a Plague Marine with all the chaos sigils removed and will look at adding some more as they add a nice variation with their retro masks.
between painting I have also done some repair work on a Techmarine, building I'm a new wrench from Plasticard and painted him up in the new scheme.