Saturday, 13 April 2019

Superhero. The Comedian

I have finally had a bit of time to complete my first official Knight Models figure, The Comedian from the Watchmen group.

The figure was rebased in a similar style to Azrael but I added a larger piece of corrugated steel (well plastic!) so i could add a bit of graffiti.

The figure follows the movie version very well, although there is a loss of detail in some areas. Overall it a nice piece and easy to paint up although I might go back later and rework the skin as flesh is my weakest paint area.

Added some graffiti to the base with a crossed out Smiley face.
I was going to go for 'Who Watches the Watchmen' but I will save that for a terrain piece later.

The Comedian and Azrael

I have been very lucky on ebay and have been able to pick up NiteOwl, Silk Spectre and Rorschach. 
Only Ozymandias left to get and then I will look for a Bubastis conversion and look at the Heroclix range for Dr Manhattan and some of the other team figures.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Superhero. Azrael

After a recent rewatching of Watchmen my interest in Comics and costumed adventures has been rekindled. Knight Models have Batman miniature game which expanded into the wider DC and marvel Universes and issued a set of the Watchmen miniatures (minus Dr Manhattan) which I started scouring markets for but as a starter I picked up Azrael.
Azrael is one of my favourite costumed heroes and was introduced as part of the epic Knightfall story arc. Knight Models have an Azrael styled from a later line as well as Nightfall batman which I will get but not the classic look. Thankfully the Heroclix range have one and scales up okay against Knight Models.

Heroclix Azrael flying on flames. Knight Models Watchmen Comedian in comparison 

Removed from his base and flames. 

Rebased with gravel and plasticard 

Sunday, 10 March 2019


This weekendI have mainly been resetting my workspace. I am lucky enough to have a whole room for my hobby but despite all the room i still manage to over fill every surface with half painted figures and projects,
Clearing some space I was able to run through two little pieces for my Epic/Adeptus Titamicus collection.

The first is for a planned Imperial Guard force that will initially be based around my Epic city and besieged PDF force.
i have always loved Airships and plan on creating some arial units to use as alt Titans and picked up a  very small Hindenburg model which will count as Knight and will represent a light one man scout Airship.

A very easy built!

Once assembled I removed the front gondola and added a set of weapons from Vanguard Miniatures 6mm range (Novan Elites mauler weapons Upgrade set)

Completed Airship with weapons placements 

the Airship stands on the same base size as a Knight

The base and stand should blend in well with the city (photos coming soon!)

As a bonus while sorting I found a Hatchette collectable figure I had been given and wanted to use as a terrain piece. The figure had one arm removed to add some war damage and based on Foamcard

Figure was painted up as old copper and should make a nice addition to my cityscape.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Ion Age.Tank War. Pt 1

Many years ago I picked up a copy of Tank War - Fireball by Larry Steelbaugh. Despite never having read the first book it made for a good read and I have lost count how many time I have read it.

The book is set just after the outbreak of WW3 and a Cold war setting as Soviet forces invade western Europe. The story focus on exploits of the battle tank XM-F4 'No Slack Too' and a group of gun buggy Jager-Komandos as they fight behind enemy lines.

Inspired by the book I have started work on a buggy and tank force for my Ion Age collection and ties in with my image of the Prydian militia being used more like scouts and rangers in the Lithic Assumption. The final force can be adapted to serve as an element of a  Condot force or to operate being lines following a Shia Khan invasion 

 The tank will be an easy pick and I will be using a Taranis main battle tank.

For the Gun buggy I drew from my bits box and found a very old metal Alternative Armies scout car. These have not been sold for some time but after contacting Gavin Syme he was able to identify the miniature and even locate the mold so i could get some more! 

first sketch make to check that the idea would work, though this was a little too Fighting Golf Caddy!

Frame made with 5mm plasticard

Assembled design next to a militia figure

using a section of a Chupa lolly stick which almost matches the gun stand I can fit the guns but removed them for transport of to change weapons later

Rotary cannons from the Adder Vehicle Conversion pack

Four cars off the assembly line ready for the canopy to be added.

addendum - I have recently got hold of some more of the series so I am now finally reading book one!

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Ion Age. 28mm Planetary Militia

Lithic Assumption, Planet Fate

The sensor light flashed and triggered a stream of data to scroll across the previously dormant parameter screen. Officer Freya Glas punched the duty alarm that would wake up the rest of her unit from their sleep rotation and began to suit up as she glanced over the screen. Listening to the others gathering on the hatch floor below her she rechecked her weapon clip and smiled, catching fragments of sarcastic banter and grumbles from the team. Once this would have intimidated her but now it was a comradely comfort, the squad renewing their bonds and exercising their own nervousness before the mission

Born to the parents of Prefect Administrators, she grew up in Crater Wall South a well off suburb Prefect outside Monolith City. Educated with the expectation she would join the civil service  she had given her future little thought but when the time came for her to start her Planetary Service it seemed to wake something within her and she signed up to frontline duty within the Militia. Her parents were concerned and implored her to take a safer post but she was adamant and after excelling during basic training, she was accelerated to the command track and found herself on Fate as second officer in a border listening station.

" Squad Assembled, Ma'am " called up Iban Cal, her Communications specialist, and she descended the stairs and led them to the garage that lay at the base of the station. Mounting their  Recon Adders, the squad sped out of the station and into the state grey landscape of Fate. 

Sorting though a bits box I found several of the 28mm Ion Age figures I had picked up 20+ years ago and had originally intended to use them as a state terrain but then found the remaining two figures from the set and decided to see what I could do with them, and if nothing else use them as a trial run for their 15mm equivalents!

 Cant remember when I picked these up ( might have been my brothers!) and never really looked at them until now and appreciate the quality of the sculpts. Post modern with a subtle sci-fi detail.

I wanted to keep the style fairly realistic, for the Lithic Assumption these are the Territorial Army, The National Guard of the Armed Forces, but also those with the most local knowledge and tracker/Guerrilla skills. I have not done any figures in Camo pattern before and settled on an urban pattern based off the classic Rogue Trader Imperial Guard stripes

I wanted to tie the more Sci fi elements back into the rest of the uniform and show it distressed and worn as if it was passed from recruit to recruit and damaged through constant drills and manoeuvres 

 Detail of the dropped weapon

The full squad led by Second Officer Glas

My most recent acquisition on ebay has given me quite a variety of Ion Age 28m to make up and enjoy opening a blister pack again! 

The next question is whether I paint  the Shia Khan in the more traditional Styx Legion red or my own Hades Legion purple and where to source a good 28mm recon buggy model