Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus: Copper Oracle 4

The head piece has now been filled up. 
First with the main pieces and then smaller figures, ranging from an Epic Scale Ogryn and a Sentinl to a 6mm WW2 tank and Black Tree Cyberman (its a cyborg so totally counts as Mechanicum!) the spaces in-between where then filled with wooden sticks to form antenna and helping to build a loose curved outline to the build. The signature Admech pipework was then added in layers using pipes from Zing Industries excellent range of bitz and Guitar strings. The ends of the pipes were capped of with plugs from the Zing range and added to the while effect.

The 'easy' part of putting it together is about done now so i will be undercoating and getting the first couple of layers down and will hopefully post up tomorrow

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