Saturday, 23 September 2017

Orcnar. Terrain 1

As part of my Relics plan I want to build a set of race specific terrain as I work through the figures.
For the Orcnar I have drawn from the concept sketches that were posted by Tor Gaming and have decided on

Set of Mud huts
Stone Shrine/ trophy mound based on the Orcnar Objective
Wooden village wall
Docga enclosure

Starting with the Mud huts I used some children food bowls, these would fit on CD bases (my go to size ) and had enough curvature, and the card inside from sellotape for the half built huts.

Scaled up with an Unmann

Huts covered in NoMoreNails to add mud texture

Sand and stone added with PVA glue

Bark pieces that will form the stone of the trophy shrine with glyphs carved in

Norse Terrain.P2

After posting my last piece I realised I had not posted up on the Terrain pieces which I had started and finished a while ago.
Originally designed to be used for a Saga war band, I have ended up putting that project on hold (so many projects!) but is generic enough to be used for other tables. The finished set comprises of a two stone carved piece, several smaller standing stones( I had started with a couple and then kept going! ) and a stone well
I had also created a a casualty piece with a soldier who had been killed and given the Blood eagle, this where the victims back is opened up and the ribs pulled back and the lungs drawn out and draped over the shoulders to form bloody wings.

Yggdrasil World Tree carving

Stylised Norse Raven

Norman soldiers form up around the well and ruins.
Figures old citadel, now available from Wargames Foundry

The torn back was made using GS and small slivers of wood for the ribs

Friday, 15 September 2017

Orcnar. The Docga!

Continuing to work on my Relics figures, trying to stay a little focused on my painting and finish off the Orcnar before i start on another Faction.
Next on the list are the Docga, the crazy attack dogs of the Orcar!

Like the Unmann, I have added some stone rings using GS

I settled on a similar colouring to the Unmann but with a shade shift from a lighter back to the darker front. I have also left the stone unmarked and might go back and remove the markings on the others 

The Stone Branch clan far

The Stone Branch move out to protect the standing stones that make the heart of their ancestral territory

Next the brutal might of the Eotan!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Relics. Saved!

Great news that Relics has been saved and the game has been picked up by TTCombat.
TTCombat started out with MDF buildings and wargaming accessories but have started to branch out into games, acquiring Carnevale they have now saved another game from oblivion with Relics.
An extra incentive to get figures painted, I look forward to seeing Relics continue and where TTCombat will take it!

Tor Gaming press release

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Tzeentch. Bors of the Moon Helm

Bors was a killer.
Raised in the unloving backstreets of Barrow, he was a child in the gutter and was made a man in the arena.
Sentenced to the life of an indentured Gladiator for killing a man following tavern brawl, Bors found his calling and became a brutal master in the art of killing. His success in the arena gained him a wealthy patron, Lord Aris who elevated him to personal bodyguard, It was in this position that the hand of Tzeentch intervened.
Lord Aris was travelling between his country residence through the Wilds when his Caravan was set upon by brigands.
A wealth man, Lord Aris had paid for a large guard as well as the service of Bors and the the brigands were well met but by the days end only Bors remained alive and as he stumbled from the shattered carriage of his former patron he came across the corpse of the brigands leader.
Bors was drawn to the leaders helm, a grand helmet with a golden moon crest, and like a victorious crown he raised it up and placed it upon his own bloody brow.
The helm was no mere thing of iron but a tool of Tzeentch and a bound lesser demon within it began to speak and fill Bors with a vision of his glory and the bright path ahead.
His old life forgotten, Bors travelled to the Church of the Transmogrification and pledged his rage to its cause.

The figure is an old Citadel Chaos Thug from 1988 and is a fantastic figure, full of old hammer charm with his classic barbarian lower half and his contrasting knight top. The whole sculpt has loads of energy and character and so decided not to convert him and just add the hint of corruption, as if heh has just started on his path, his hands starting to discolour and his armour gaining the hint of blue like the cursed helm. The name is taken from one of the knights of the Round Table

Relics. Orcnar 2

Amid starting off multiple projects in a BOYL high news came out that several miniature companies have closed. First was Spartan Games who made Dystopian Wars which I briefly looked at collecting when I restarted wargaming. Dystopian Wars was like pic Scale meets steampunk, initially a sea based fleet conflict but it expanded into land and then 32mm skirmish. It had a well written background and a increasing number of models and factions to pick from but I could never find anyone to play against and fell back into my first love of Warhammer!
The announcement was not long followed by that of Tor Gaming who made the fantasy Stitchpunk game Relics.
Looking back over my blog, the last post I made on Relics was back in January of last year, and I had put the game on hold as I was taken up by other projects but it was one I had always intended to come back to and despite several purges of games and projects it always survived.
With the closure I have gone over my collection, each of the Factions had appealed to me and I have gathered some from from each (partly to support a future application as a Ranger and promote the game!) and been enthused again!
Relics has some great originality and a diverse range of factions supported by some quality miniatures, hopefully the line will be picked up by another company or at least survive with a fanbase in some form and I will certainly do what I can to support it, anything with twisted faere, dwarfs in painsuits, noble goblins, stone gorillas, Cthulhu inspired tentacle raiders and eh massed ranks of redcoated puppets deserves to live on!

For my own collection I have added some more key figures from stores while i still can, stock is disappearing fast, and have added the Orcnar back on to my painting table to finish them first!

The Unmann with their custom stone bracelets and red warpaint

The Niwain with custom stone bracelets, staff and warpaint

Next on my list will be the rest of the Orcnar while i wait for more cork and supplies to start on the Britanan and also plans for some Orcnar mud huts, which I can also double up for my Slann army as Slave huts.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Tzeentch. The Foundlings of Tzeentch

'Before the bright cacophonous advance came the strangest of tides, a host of twisted and malformed hounds that called out in bark and cry as they lopped on and stranger still was their riders that sat aside their hunched backs and shoulders. Tiny forms, like children coloured as to wine, as if they had been dipped into a vineyards press, and stranger still was their countenance For each wore not a face but a part, one an eye and another a nose. It was as if a great face had been raised up and shattered and its parts laid up on each child's sleeping that they might wake and carry it as their own.
Though they stood no higher than my waist i had no breath to laugh for their mad and murderous intent was clear and had emptied my lungs in fear. I know not what brought me lower, that they were apart or that might come together again in some greater madness.

Pikeman Cartin, 1st Standing Stone Border Milita.
Survivor of the Candle Tower Massacre.

The public face of the Church of Transmogrification is a merciful and beneficent one. All are welcomed and none are turned away, no matter their crime or deformity, no matter how unloved and unwanted.
The mutant and criminal have found their way through the church doors but young and abandoned are also taken in and found a place under the Lord of Changes gaze. The smallest are given over to the hungers of sharper mouths with the congregation while the more able are taken into service.
Life expectancy is short for many, exposure to the high levels of magic and the warp poison some while others dissolve into multicoloured hue or cloud, collapsing into a scented incense drift or bright smudge against the wall. Some mutate into bright insects or small twisted gargoyle like shapes that swarm and inhabit the small spaces of the church. Some endure and joined the ranks of the Foundlings, their bodies given over to a single sense and their minds joined, sustained by magic and used by the church masters to extend their visions. The founding act as spies for the Church in times of peace and as scouts and saboteurs when battle is joined, ranging ahead of the main lines or skulking round the edges to see what might be missed.

In constructing the Foundlings I used Chaos war hounds and a selection of Halfings and Marauder Miniature Goblins. Saddle cloths, saddles and their altered faces were then built up with Green Stuff.
Prior to this project i have only really worked with GS as a filler but my first attempt at sculpting (very crudely!) with the Slann War Tortoise encouraged me to keep trying and forming the shields and these features are the most complex I have done so far.

The Warband so far, taller figures to come as well!