Thursday, 21 May 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus: The Copper Oracle

Primary scan + target designated Copper Oracle has been acquired

Structural parameters
= 98.2% compliance with 4th Revision Baroque Indulgence Artistic Principles

The Copper Oracle was constructed by Adept Itzen-Da a pupil of Adept Ulterimua and was a prototype Warp reader. Embedded within the machine is an artificially grown and enhanced brain partly cultured from illicitly gathered Navigator House stock. 

The Oracle was an early step into the exploration of the Akasha Postulation and Noospheric field work. Unfortunately during the initial testing the feedback from the warp connection resulted in temporal instability and the Oracle platform was pulled into the warp. The Copper Oracle is still bound to the Red Planet, by accident or design is unknown, and will periodically reappear in different locations. Sometimes for mere hours and other times for days. Still operational after all this time, the Copper Oracle  dispenses its visions into the desert

More recently sightings have increased and the Copper Oracle has been gathering resources, utilizing ancient pathways and access codes to old to be countered. Only time will reveal its purpose and if speaks with the will of the Omnissiah or Warp inspired madness. 
Access granted to apocryphal file 1/22.34

Adept Itzen-Da disappeared after the first testing of the Copper Oracle and Official records log that he offered himself for Unwinding and Reclamation as a result of the debacle. Other sources indicate he entered the Copper Oracle during its initialization and remains as part of it still. 

querry search Itzen-Da, Adept hidden rank...

Reclaimation Authorized 30.011.299
Parts manifest
Transport and storage


  1. Hey! Wanted to say how much I enjoy your work! I was inspired by this beautifully hideous thing to engineer something similar...