Monday, 31 July 2017

The Porcelain. Shades of white

With BOYL 2017 fast approaching and less than a week to paint the whole gang as well as construct a speeder bike I ended up pulling several late/ into the next mornings to get them done.
Drawing on my previous speeder bike for 15mm inspired by the bike from Star Wars Force Awakens I used an old Rogue Trader Jet bike and a Highlighter pen lid as well as some bits to complete the gang.

Regarding their colours, I wanted to convey their wealth but also provide a more uniform approach because of the backstory and avoid the more Harlequins style. Partly inspired by the white fencing dress and also painting of duels, i settled on a white, sepia and gold scheme

unfortunately with the clock ticking I did not take by usual stage of shots but have some .
Due to the time limits I on ly washed the skins and will go back later with more detail.

The group were finished off just in time and ready to field at BOYL17

Photos and reports to follow 


  1. I think these type of items are better left in the museum, I dont think people would like this type of stuff for decoration purposes in their homes, or thats just my opinion.

  2. I saw these at BOYL, but couldn't work out whose they were. Brilliant gang, looking forward to the full pics and BOYL write up :)

  3. Great bike kitbash Ben! I love the skull hood ornament too :)

    It was very happy to have met, and gamed, with you at BOYL. I hope there'll be more times to come :)

  4. The bike is amazing. I'm off to rummage through the kids' pencil boxes, in search of marker and pen tops.