Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Porcelain. Machine Fighter

Building the back story for the Porcelain I held the initial idea of them as a dulling club. With that in mind i remembered the film Dune and Fighting machine

A free standing version would be a stylish addition to the gang and adding to the dueling theme.

Though my Green stuff skills are about as basic/non existent as they come i decided to try anyway...

Initial build, garden cane core with wire drilled through. From previous experience i have learnt to take GS slow and break it down.

Added a couple of rings a day with time in-between to dry

Time to build the base. The coiled wire is a guitar string

Build completed. Added some paper shapes for the detail and an undead scythe. wiring at the top to indicate it its unplugged
I had thought boy adding some pipes up or a bit of wall/bulkhead and attaching it to the side to make it look free floating but felt it would end up distracting from the machine so settled for a wire up to the base.

Initial paintwork. 
Gold over a brown base and them a coat of Seraphim Sepia

I went for quite a dirty look to the bases which will contrast with the bright Brats. With such large base I wanted to add a bit of focus and used a poster taken from Yaktribe, the brown would match the golden machine.

The completed Fighting Machine

This should add a unique look to the gang and gave me a test run for the bases and the gold shade to use with the gang members. Another very small notch on my GS skills post. I might revisit the idea again later but use wood and a lathe for the main body.

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  1. Mechanics behind this porcelain machine figher is impressive! I love the way you build it up and then painted it. Looking forward to see this types of projects in future too.