Monday, 31 July 2017

The Porcelain. A History

The Death mask of Sword Master Napoleon Bon'Saar

Founded by Napoleon Bon'Saar, a member of a distaff family of House Van Saar, The Bon' Saar School was one of the Upper Spires preeminent sword fighting and Duelling clubs. 
 On his death his tomb was broken into and his death mask was removed and placed in the school and  it was renamed the Porcelain Society

The Society became an essential component of education, both in the fine art of sword fighting but also in navigating Spire society, for many young nobles and grew into a gentlemen's club.
Slights, insults and disagreements could be resolved within the Training Halls and fighting rings while outside the rules and traditions, death duels were arranged for greater slights and machinations and eventually led to a clandestine organisation to manage and then encourage the death duels.

To avoid official identification at the secret gatherings, members would wear porcelain masks
Following the deaths of several high profile members, the Society clamped down on nobles killing each other for sport and younger members were encouraged to to take their swords down hive.
Lone sorties became groups, allowing for the members to show off their skills and with the extra safety in numbers, venture further into the Underhive. Pict drones or live feed Servo skulls can often be seen trailing high profile raids, the battles been transmitted to Society members and supports safe in the Spire.

A clandestine extension of the Society, the Porcelain is a rite of passage for eager young nobles and they will dress in white and pale sepia colours as well as white masks which emulate the Society practice uniform and the founder. Because omg their pale attire and masks they are also known as Ghosts or Statues by other gangs and citizens of the Underhive.

Though they carry regular arms as well as their swords, kills at sword point are the only ones that are valued and add honour to the member.

The Porcelain can also be accompanied by tall antique gold fighting machines. These resemble spinning pillars with an array of blades and other weapon points embedded in the body. These are duelling machines from the Society's training halls and can be detached to offer support and also add to the devices experience. The machines themselves are of an ancient design that has it origins on the original colony ships that arrived on Necromunda.

Notable gang members:

Viscount Maximilian  Danton. Current leader of the Porcelain. Fights with a sword and Web pistol and is accompanied by an AutoHerald called Counter.

Lady Josephine 'Phina' Bon Saar. Daughter of the Porcelain Society master, Lord Paulus Bon'Saar and descendant of the Napoleon. Lady Phina is a wild and bloodthirsty fighter who has used her position to circumvent gang convention and prefers to use heavy weapons. 


  1. That's some nice world building

  2. That death mask looks like Ned Kelly. Mind telling us who it was of Ben?

    And yes, very cool world building mate :)