Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Porcelain. Confrontation to Necromunda

October 1990 and White Dwarf magazine began the release of the game Confrontation. Confrontation brought to life the conflict between warring gangs and factions in the great Hive cities of the Warhammer 40k Universe.
In the following issues a rich background and cast of players was set out and I can still remember playing this with my brother with Space hulk bases used for corridors. I had Adeptus Arbities against his gang 'The Head kickers' , so named after their preferred method of killing!

Roll on some years and Confrontation became Necromunda and then that joined the ranks of legendary games. With my return to wargaming I had always planned to return to the Hive and as well as building an Adeptus Arbities force I started to look out for Brat gangers, these are a little harder to come by and a little bit pricier so this was a slow burn project that has finally paid off and I now have enough to field a while gang. Spurred on by BOYL and the posting of another Brat gang on the Oldhammer FB group, I have added to my build and paint list and started work on the Porcelain.

The gang comprises of original Confrontation figures, Brat gang and Bounty Hunters as well as a figure from the old Iron Claw Space Pirate range and a noble from the Colony 87 Kickstarter.
Arms and weapons were drawn from old Warhammer empire arms, Vintage Imperial guard and Skitarii. Bases were all made individually using plasticard and bits. 

One of the original brats wears a mask and as I am drawing this into the backstory extra masks have been made with GS for the rest of the gang.
All of the gang have also been given swords as part of their backstory

Regular Gang members armed with swords and laspistols. Masks clipped to their belts

Cyber herald using old Chaos familiar with GS to turn his long hat in to Brat hair.
Colony 87 noble as gang Patron

Cyber girl/ Space Pirate Loritta with some additional GS hair as heavy weapon specialist. She has also been a given a mask clipped to her belt
Bounty hunter armed with sword and pistol with additional detail on his trousers and chest to tie in with the other brats as well as mask on his belt.
Bounty hunter with skitarii rifle for the gang marksman, has also been given a mask.

Regular gang members armed with swords, las pistol, bolt pistol and pistol as an ornate archaic las pistol 

The gang will work in Confrontation but with the original release of Necromunda the gang type was dropped and the concept of Upper hive nobles descending to fight in the slums was turned into the Spyre Hunters.
To field the gang I will be using the Spire Brat Pack ruleset created by Anthony Case on Yaktribe


  1. These are very nice. The puffed sleeves work very well, and the masks are a nice touch - are they harlequin masks?

    1. Thanks, the masks are GS. I took a cast from the masked Brat and made some more