Sunday, 25 June 2017

Slann. Wizard 1

Slann wizard and their slave litters are one of they great army centrepieces and i am luckily enough to have four of them.
With the first slave unit completed i set confident enough to start one. the slaves were based and painted the same way as the slave unit

Metal work added and rusted using Forgeworld powder

Final shading and touches before adding the blue

Figures finished and matched up with slave fighter

Completed base 

The Slann Mage was painted in greens to give the army a more unified feel

 The litter is painted in subdued shades and more natural colours, drawing on the colours from Apocalypto (scene featuring noble in the city marketplace)

It also keeps the focus on the Slann Mage

His fan Bearer/ personal standard I have put on a separate base (still WIP) I also might add a back banner or two to give it more height

Side by side with Mage I painted about 25 years ago

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