Sunday, 25 June 2017

Slann. Baggage Train 1

Going though the rules I found that you are allowed a free baggage train every 1000 points, which for the Slann consists of a train of porters, 5 Slann bearers and 5 human slaves. My initial thought was to also add a terrain piece, a pile of luggage and food baskets under a canopy.
For the Slann bearers I plan to use one of the loin cloth Slann brave figures and cast up some using GS as i don't have that many figures to spare. For the human slaves I looked at casting up some of the slaves from the wizards litter bearers and have the two poles joined up to have a pack slung below but  I  came across some baggage carrier on Wargames Foundry,  Askaris bearers (DA 021) from their Congo range which fit in well with the original slaves

in the background you can see me sketching out the idea for the baggage dump but i will post more on tat when I start it properly

rebasing and then all ready to paint in the same style as the Slave unit. I used a similar colour range with the baggage to keep the contrast with the face paint

Happy with how these have turned out and match up well with the other slaves, will look at getting some more to use for convoy scenarios. The baggage dump and Slann bearers will have to wait a bit until I get the rest of the 1000 completed!

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