Saturday, 24 June 2017

Slann. Spawn Band. 1

The Slann Spawn bands are one of the compulsory units and represent the slann levy drawn from the more sophisticated end of society, larger villages, towns and city districts. The unit will eventually be twenty strong and made up of Slann warriors and figures I am not using for other units. I am also using some figures from the Pantheon Of Chaos Kickstarter, one of the figures from the range is a frog style Chaos beastman and fits in well with the less structured look of the Spawn bands, the human armour being salvaged from a raided human outpost.

Coa'tla Demonflesh (PTB 05)

The first ten 

Initial Paintwork, green skins

Itza City Milita, Water Lily District Raising.
Completed unit with unit standard bearer, the flower standard is from Outpost Wargame Service and their  Aztec range. Shields are GW Goblin shields

Pantheon Of Chaos figures 

Unit champion Tlamani Imotl with water lily glyph on his shield

Once I have completed the other core units in the army I will come back and add the other ten to the unit.

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