Saturday, 6 May 2017

Slann. Slaves 4

With the Slaver completed it was back to the GS and building collars for the 19 slaves, once it had dried I then added the arms and started to Batch paint them.The shields were prepared separately with the skull motifs being filed off and then painted.

The face paint was added after the skin was completed so it could be seen round the edges and it was clear it was applied paint and not a blue face.

I have decided not to give the unit a standard due to their low standing and lobotomised nature, though when I start on the second unit i might review and add some sort of skull/ corpse topped staff.

The completed unit fits in well with the rest of the painted army and will certainly be added the other unit once I have completed the core units on my list and can get hold of another Slaver

Next on the build list is the Slann Mage...

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