Saturday, 6 May 2017

Slann. Slaves 2

Deciding to use the Ansar Tribesmen set from Perry miniatures for my Slann slaves i needed to do a bit of conversation to help them blend in with the Slann slaves that would be bearing my Slann mages.

using my very basic Green Stuff skills I was able to add a slave collar, though i was very mindful I had now committed myself to having to this another 39 times!

I also decided on using another of the shields from the Goblin sprue, these wooden plank style would match up nicely with old pre-slotta slave designs

I wanted to give him a minimal colour scheme that would would work in massed ranks, kept the robes a dirty white, and a painted face that would mark them as sacrifices as well as tie them in with the colours of the army.

One down and 39 to go...


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