Saturday, 6 May 2017

Slann. Slaves 1

all for wanting an army based on frogs, the slave unit is actually one of my favourites. The idea that the Slann are using lobotomised human slaves makes for a unique start point and underlines the alienness of the Slann. i always imagine the Slann view of humans similar to that of the Apes view of humans in the original Planet of the Apes, at best a resource or tool and at worst dangerous vermin.

With the original range several Slann slaves were produced,  several warriors pre-slotta and then a club wielding slave and the mage litter for slot base. 

I had a couple back when I first started collecting and even attempted to cast my own using Plaster of Paris and Lead to very limited success, but starting up again the prices and rarity of slaves makes it impractical.

Looking at a modern alternative I looked at Aztec and Mayan ranges from several companies including Wargames Foundry, The Assault Group (TAG), Eureka Miniatures, Outpost wargames service, Perry Miniatures and Gringo 40  

GW Dwarf, GW Knight, Perry Miniatures, Pre-slotta slave, Slotta Slave, Gringo 40, Slann

overall I found Gringo 40 the best in sculpture quality but a bit too tall, I didn't want the slaves bigger than the Slann or too far from the original style if possible as I would still be using the slaves with the Mages.
Both Wargames Foundry and Outpost Wargames Service also supply extras like banners and shields which I will use but the figures looked a bit small and didn't quite match the slave look I wanted.

Slann slave unit using TAG aztecs from Jon's Wargames  mini'sBlog:

Slann slave from Perry miniature from theottovonbismark blog 

In the end I have settled on the plastic figures from Perry Miniatures, they are slimmer than the GW slaves but i figure these have been bred to fight and minimal unadorned sculpt works well. Being able to field 40 from a singe box is also very appealing!

The Perry Miniatures come with a range of heads and weapons, I will be using the bare heads and will match them up with GW shields rather than those on the sprue to help blend them into the army

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