Sunday, 12 March 2017

Slann: Jungle Braves

The Jungle braves are the primitive Slann gathered up from deep in the jungles and far from the great cities. Inspiration for these came from the jungle tribe in Apocalypto but also from the fantastic Jungle Braves on theottovonbismark blog (link at the bottom), especially with the clubs and shields (which are Goblins shields)
the Braves as they once were...kitty litter and no thinned paints!

Stripped, straightened and rebased. Some of the figures were also reposed to allow them to stand in unit and add a bit of variety

The Standard is from the Outpost Wargames Services and their Aztec banner range.
I will be using more for each unit as well as personal back banners for my characters. They also sell feathered shields which i can use on the higher ranking troops
Similar to the Blowpipes, the braves have simple individual black tattoos rather than coloured warpaint to represent their lower class.

I have made up several base fillers for the tray which i can replace with more braves as i get them and  eventually able to fields a full 20.

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