Thursday, 30 March 2017

Slann. Beast Handlers 2

With the Cold One Warhounds completed i turned to the Giant Scorpions which need a little bit more work. 

They had lost a set of legs each before their original construction (I think I had gained the two in a school swap many years ago and they had lost them when I got them) and a couple of leg sections had broken off. I decided to stick with the legs i had and paint them up like Black Scorpions.
The extra room on the bases gave me more room to decorate so one would have a broken pillar to climb over and the other a partially decomposed body

To provide extra support with the Scorpion with the damaged legs he is held up on a rod under his belly which is hidden by some foilage

The finished handlers

Completed Scorpions and Handlers

Since completing these i have acquired another Handers and two more Cold One Warhounds,i plan on adding these to the existing pack and using the handler for some other beasts, possibly Giant Spiders.

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