Thursday, 30 March 2017

Slann: Beast Handlers 1.

Slann beast masters add a colourful variety to an already bright lineup and can add some interesting focal points to the force. When i first started collecting Slann I was a big fan of this option, the handlers are a great sculpt and one of my favourite in the range, the Cold One Warhounds have a great character, stubby crocodiles, and the giant Scorpions will always remind me of Clash of the Titans.

The original paintwork on the Cold One Warhounds was a bit random and i was initial undecided which way to go, a dark blue to connect them with their Cold One cousins, a crocodile green or something else entirely.
Once the figures had been striped they old paintwork (I use Biostrip 20) the gaps i the moulding were filled with Green Stuff and i added rings to their collars in case i want to add chains later on. I also drilled through the hands of each handler as well for the same reason.

 In the end i settled for a dark green with a black back for the Cold One warhounds and decided on the green shade for the Slann themselves

Ash Ridge Cold One Warhounds

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