Sunday, 12 March 2017

Slann: Blowpipe Unit

For the first unit in my new Slann army i have decided on a unit of Venom Tribe blowpipes. These are one of the more colourful units and starting these will give me a bit more time to try out some ideas for the Slann green skin.

I originally had eight figures with a further one broken at the legs (which you can just make out in the background) , this is a fairly common issue with the figures and I am grateful i have so few casualties despite 20+ years and numerous house moves with them in a bit of tissue and wooden soap box!

to compete the unit I was able to repair the broken one with wire and GS and the last figure was added from kickstarter figure from Diehard Miniatures range of Eru-Kin.
Painting these up was also be the first time I used a notebook to log the paints so I can keep them uniform when add more units in the future.

repaired warrior and Eru-Kin join the ranks in red
I decided on a desert themed base to keep the focus the figures and will tie in with the background I am working on

The extra detail on the Eru-Kin marks him out as a unit leader

Despite the years apart, the Eru-Kin fits in with the other figures perfectly but still stands a beautiful sculpture in its own right

The Film Apocalypto is a continuing source of inspiration for this force and I have tried to keep a quite simple look for this unit as they are more primitive jungle Slann and their more basic tattoos and clothes reflect that. 

I am also planning unit trays for each unit as well, but calling them done for now. 

Update: movement tray now added

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