Sunday, 17 January 2016

Relics. Orcnar

The first Project for 2016 is the first of my Tor Gaming Relics factions - The Orcnar!

I picked up the set on eBay and after a dip in Biostrip 20 to remove the paintwork they have all be rebased and made ready to paint! The figures are all metal and most of them came in more than one piece so they have all been pinned and the gaps filled with Green Stuff.

The two Beorn figures have had their arms repositioned and will have some more ornaments added

The Niwain has had his arm repositioned and given a staff and bracelets

The Eotan have been given rings and collar. One of them with claws seemed to be holding balls in their hands which i was not too keen on so i have added more cork and turned it so he is pulling up clumps of earth.

The Unmann have been given bracelets

The Dogma have been given a collar and bracelets on their horns

The extra adornments will be painted as stone and were partly inspired by Brian Frouds book on Trolls. I plan on using quite an earthy palette on the Orcnar with different shades for each type.

The Orcnar

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