Sunday, 29 May 2016

Finding Abdul Goldberg. Part 1

The more I game the more i have found myself moving back to the games that first drew me to wargaming such as Rogue Trader, less massed battles but more stylish warbands and intense skirmishes that carry with them a narrative beyond win or lose.

Facebook has been a great resource, both in finding other sites to inspire but also FB groups like the Oldhammer, The Emporium of Rogue dreams and the Bazaar of Crooked Wonder.
The Emporium is currently (until the end of the month) a competition to bring life to Abdul Goldberg, a character briefly mentioned in the Rogue Trader plot generator.
The challenge is to fill in the backstory and create a figure to match.
My initial thoughts went to the Dune Universe created by Frank Herbert (an essential read) and found an old chaos marauder which i had earmarked for an Arabian themed war band for Frostgrave. 

Switching him over to a Hexbase which i use for all my RT figures, i them removed his blades and replaced them with Bolt Pistols and set to work with some bits and greenstuff. I had also decided on trying to reduce his chainmail look and was not that fond of the chainmail feet so added some boots.

The boots are the most complicated Greenstuff i have done to date and happy with their final look, i also added a little sandworm at his feet in keeping with the Dune inspiration.
Next onto the painting and building his life...

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