Sunday, 17 January 2016

2016 plans

Almost half way through the month and on my first post of the year, not a good start!
Elsewhere i have actually been quite busy gaming and cutting and gluing and painting so lots of posts to catch up with.
At the end of the year i had a recview of what i was playing/planning to play and had a little trim:

Warhammer Fantasy - My Bloodbath at Orcs Drift Collection make slow progress, 2015 was a good year and i managed to pick up quite a few of the characters. 2016 will be a good year to get them painted and hopefully acquire some more Hobhounds!

Warhammer 40K - Adepts Mechanicus - Hasn't got much further than the planning stages, have plenty to build but yet to find a slot to start!

Inq28 - Lots of plans around the Copper Oracle which will also support my Admech force.
Warhammer 30K - Mechanicum is still packed and ready to start, resist the urge to join the tide and start a PreHeresy Chapter (maybe one day!)

Gripping Beast Saga - Scenery is all done and ready to show off in a future post and have enough figures to start assembling. I have also acquired some building and two longship kits (revell)

Dystopian wars - Has unfortunately fallen to the Cull

X-Wing Miniatures Game - An unexpected hit and i have now amassed an Imperial and Rebel force and started building my own Scum force, The ships already come prepainted so its nice to be able to just play and save my limited painting time on my other forces.

Malifaux - I had planned on Culling Malifaux but it has had a stay of execution, partly due to the models and partly after finding the blog Garden of Hecate, inspiring stuff and has given me some ideas about creating a similar line using the storyline from one of my other non-miniature projects ( long term photography project 'The Lost Toy Room') but more on that at some point in the future.
My Silent Hill/ House on Haunted Hill/ Asylum themed McMourning Crew is also one i want to see finished if only as build project.

15mm Various - Has entered deep storage...

Doctor Who  - Pending Cull

Judge Dredd - Pending Cull

Macrocosm - Supported the Kickstarter and picked up a fantastic selection of their Malignancy faction so on the build list for 2016

Frostgrave - Picked up the rule book at the end of the year and certainly caught my eye so on my start list for 2016

Tor Gaming - Relics. Relics has been my new year addiction and I have managed to pick up quite a few of the factions from eBay recently as well as support their latest Kickstarter. Preparing at least one of the forces is my first target of the year!

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