Friday, 31 July 2015

The Return of Guthrum Mane.Part 1

In the sort out of old figures and which to add to the repaint pile I came across a long forgotten giant Hill Troll (1985 designed by Kev Adams) who had featured in Bloodbath at Orc's Drift as Guthrum Mane.

Once he had been cleaned of his old paintwork i decided to try and restore him to his rightful glory and pride of place in my Bloodbath collection ( and also the first piece!)

Back in the day he was a big piece but the times have changed at at only 4.5cm tall he wouldn't be looming over much these days. As well as boosting him up on a base i wanted to tap into his Hill troll roots and have him either emerging or carrying bits of hill. Several pieces of Cork, wire and a twig later he had gained another 4.5cm!

Rather than restore his original bladed weapon with plasticard I decided to add more stone to tie in with the stone theme. Green stuff was used to thicken the tree stump and roots which keep all the stones attached to his back (I like to have some logic and reality to my pieces)
Catch Part 2 for the finished figure...

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