Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A return to Warhammer

I have not had much time to post recently, work commitments but also busy painting and reviewing my collection out of deep storage.
The Age of Sigmar has reminded me how much i liked the original fantasy game, this was where I  started with wargaming and I have decided to refresh my Bretonnians as well as pick up a couple of extra units to make them playable.

My original army had the original Empire High Helm and White Wolf knights and Empire Crossbow men  and a one of the Regiments of Renown, Red Redemption Chaos Cultists as a unit of warrior monks. I will probably ebay them to fund some units on my wishlist.

My Men-at-Arms are a mix of early Feudal, Norse and Foot knights which i prefer to the new plastic unit.

I have been able to pick up a several joblots of Archers and Knights have started on the first unit. I know rebasing isn't compulsory and if they did not need painting i would probably leave them but will a wholesale refurb i have decided on the round bases as it will give me more space to decorate and terrain. To keep the big battalion feel i will look at getting some movement trays for them

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  1. Hi Benamon! Have you progressed in this Bretonnian project? In negative case, would you be interested in trade or sell some of the miniatures? I was thinking about a few of the men-at-arms. I'm gathering a unit from this range figures to defend walls in castle siege scenarios... Anyway if this is the case, let me know. My email: terradecabres [at] gmail [dot] com. Have a good one!