Sunday, 5 July 2015

Age of Sigmar

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get hold of this weeks White Dwarf featuring the launch of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle successor Warhammer Age of Sugmar and a free Stormcast eternal.

Websites, forums and Facebook are saturated with comments and reviews over the rules and the end of WFB and a general positive for the model, both on its own merits and as a base for conversation. The Eternals have grown on me and I will post up my progress once I get some time to put it together. Size wise, they are big and I am already jotting down some ideas to use one in my INQ28 warband as a Truescale marine

Regarding the rules, I had not played the 8th, though I had picked up a copy, and still have a Bretonnian and Slann ( the original Frogs!) from when I last played so it was nice to see new rules released for the bretonnians so I can still use them in the new game. They are due for a reprint/update so I might incorporate some of the new AOS heraldry into the colour scheme.
Thoughts on the new fluff once I have read it.

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